Comments for Marvel’s ‘Punisher’ Creator Plans to Reclaim Skull Logo From Police for Black Lives Matter

Punisher logo and creator

Credit: Nick Kriger/Marvel Studios/Gage Skidmore


  1. Gordo

    I really dont see how thats possible…… Not trying to be negative but its owned by Disney…… cant buy something that isnt for sale. I dont see this happening the way they say they want it to go. But hope something comes from it. Again though it wont be bought out.

  2. jackceepee

    The only lawlessness I saw was the Black Lives Matters people setting cars on fire and looting innocent store owners stores. People who ransack the town are criminals no matter what sign they go by.

  3. James

    Virtue signaling at its best. You don’t really want to see what will happen to Democrat run cities without the Police around

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