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Princess Tiana on Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Bonny A Pesch

    I have little doubt she will be both. And then what will people fuss about?

  2. Darth Predictor

    OMG, this ride will probably feature cute animatronic frog animals in danger!

    PETA is gonna be so pissed, they’re gonna wanna have the ride changed.

  3. Rich Allen

    No Frog No Peace

  4. Matt Brewster

    It’s a darn shame that Diz is about to ruin a perfectly fine attraction. The music in the new film doesn’t come close to the charm and fun of the old one. And, human characters cannot communicate to an audience as well as cartoon characters can. Therefore, I predict failure here, just like Journey into Imagination!

  5. Faithful Friend

    I’m thankful for this ride being re-themed to ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and more importantly, for Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen being humans the entire ride, thus finally giving these beloved characters the dignity they weren’t given in the original movie (because they were frogs the majority of the time)!

  6. Pocho Villa

    I like the change but there is no way they will make not make Tiana and Naveen into frogs. Most of the interior of Splash Mountain is based on the underground rabbit tunnels. The other scenes in the ride are of around 2 to 4 feet animatronics and very limited space. If the protaganists are not frogs, will they be miniature version like in the Small World ride? If it was a ride based on Shadow Man and the creatures underworld, then it might work. It will be interesting to see what they do with the ride’s interior.

  7. EricJ

    Well, suppose the “Mardi Gras celebration” lets them still use the America Sings steamboat at the end…

    But consider a moment, people: If the Armchair-Imagineer Froggie-girls weren’t so busy “punishing” racial straw-men and drooling over their idea of new neato attraction rehabs they thought up…Aren’t there also OTHER characters with Frontierland-ready story ideas who sing about sailing in little canoe-boats around riverbends through dark leafy forests with animal critters, and plunging big leaps over waterfalls?
    (“But nobody likes Pocahontas!”…So, whoever liked Princess & the Frog??)

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