Disney Princess Gourmet Coffee Maker Gets Huge Discount at Best Buy

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disney princess coffee maker

I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t go a day without coffee. For better or for worse, I was introduced to coffee at a young age by my nan (grandmother for our American readers) when I would occasionally be treated to a cappuccino before bed. Now that I think about that, it’s an extremely odd thing to have just before bed…

Best Buy has a huge sale on at the moment, and this Princess Gourmet Coffee Maker is a great way to introduce something Disney into the classic kitchen play set.

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Here’s the toy in action:

Princess coffee machine
Credit: Best Buy

I should point out that while I had coffee from a young age, this machine is actually a toy and will not produce any caffeine for your kids. It does, however, come with two pretend beverage pods so your kids can pretend they’re having their morning coffee when you do.

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My first child is due to come into the world later this week, and this is exactly the type of toy I will purchase for her when she’s old enough to understand daddy’s addiction to coffee. She won’t feel left out when I constantly wander into the kitchen to make my next coffee.

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In fact, existing parents also agree with me on this with one saying:

“My kiddo loves her coffee maker. Every morning she makes a cup and joins me while I have mine.”

Obviously you won’t want to get your child this set in isolation, it’s important to make sure they have a fully functioning play kitchen available for the true experience.

Disney princess coffee maker
Credit: Best Buy

Best Buy has dropped the price from $16.99 to just $9.49 so now’s the time to go and purchase which you can do so here. The gourmet beverage maker also has realistic brewing sounds to make the illusion of making coffee even better!

Now excuse me while I go and make my next coffee…

Let us know what you think of this Disney Princess gourmet coffee maker play set in the comments below!

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