Comments for PHOTO: Anaheim Police Gather in Disneyland Parking Lot


Credit: Disney


  1. Greg

    Pretty disgusting that you shared a tweet that seemed to be warning rioters of a police presence that could stop them from violence.

    Also very disappointing that for all the companies including Disney that have posted appropriate statements condemning racist, no such statements have been released condemning violence, looting, arson, etc.

    1. Dan

      It’s rare to see a voice of common sense. Thank you, Greg.

      1. Greg

        Isn’t it sad?

  2. Tom

    Disney. Is this just about ‘ black people’s? What about others who have been affected and hurt by these rioters n looters? I would say you are racist.

  3. Paul Alter

    Gosh, reading these comments I wonder if you folks have replaced your face coverings with white hoods? Then you can attend your cross burnings and still be COVID-19 safe.

    1. Greg

      Wow, based on that reply, I would say you are pro-rioting and violence, and so I wonder if you have any American values or any morality at all. Silence against violence on innocent people is consent.

      I on the other hand am against racism, violence and anarchy. See the difference? Speaking out against all evil isn’t too much to ask of people. But for some reason, speaking out about the violence going on is considered wrong or racist for some reason, even though many black leaders, and the Floyd family have pleaded for an end to the violence.

      1. CVR

        Had a black person point out to me that “every right I have is because someone rioted for them”

        If y’all think the violence and the looting is easily avoided and there will still be justice with peaceful protests, you obviously haven’t seen they they have been peacefully protesting this whole time… Taking a knee at football games? Peaceful. Did nothing. Promoting black lives matter? Peaceful. Did nothing. There are million examples. Floyd still died.

        If you think they can get what they want (freedom, justice, liberty, and equality) peacefully, then you are priviledged as heck. Just because you were able to get basic rights throughout your life peacefully, doesn’t mean that is everyone’s story. Wake up. This won’t get better until you do. I repeat, until you wake up, the world will continue to be in unrest as they fight for the attention of people like you. You are part of the problem.

        1. Greg Landry

          Again, you are endorsing violence. And, ever hear of someone named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?

  4. Mark

    Good for them not all cops are bad! Some cops are just as scared to be cops and they should not be… you want to scared people be on the police force N one of those good cops whom took the oath to serve and is wonder like i am whats going on now!!???
    Has the world gone bonkers!!! All lives and all colors should matter its not racist to say it its justice! The evil people make it racist! And before you black people get at me etc. I am white and i still sometimes fear for my life my daughters life look around you we are living in the same world through covid through the riots through the pain!!! Your making it about you and making it worse! Maybe you should look at your fellow black man whom gives you a bad name and thats coming from my friend whose black says it all the time thanks for making us look bad! Also if your in fl your eyes arent open enough most homeless i see are white & hispanic! Floyd died a horrible death but no protest is going to make up for it nor bring him back!

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