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pixar out


  1. D

    My love and my relationship is wholesome and suitable for children. As mush as yours. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s not family friendly.

    1. mark nowak

      “love and understanding” ,is portrayed when we live in a world with a 50 % divorce rate. and many single parents.
      This so much better to show as normal when the actual normal has way to much child abuse and abandonment.

      Do those petitioners want those truths in animation?

  2. Matt

    Then remove all the disney movies that highlight heterosexual relationships…

    1. Allie

      I’m glad I watched it. I don’t think I would have known it was there. I thought it was a beautifully told (“based on a true”) story. True to everything Pixar does, it made me cry – mostly from happiness at the humanity and kindnesses shared in the film. Every adult, child, and their dogs benefit from stories like this one. #DogIsMyCoPilot 😉

    2. Pam

      Agreed !

      1. Darla

        Where can I sign the petition? This does not belong on Disney!

        1. K

          Why? It is just two people who love each other why is princess’s needing to be rescued by princes allowed but gay love is not? It’s good or children to accept it because it will create a non-homophobic generation and I am not saying that everyone has to be gay(lgbtq+) but people should accept it

          1. 34624

            yes they should people need to just be nice to others if you don’t like it just please do not watch it and stop giving it hate!

        2. Kanjio

          Ok then why does every princess who married a prince allowed I say love is love damn it!

  3. tim

    I loved Out, beautifully done and amazing message

  4. Michael

    I have not seen this movie but am looking forward to it. Love is love and we should respect all walks of life. Disney’s branding promotes ‘love and family’. We don’t need anymore hatred in this world. Respect all walks of life. Taking this movie down will promote one type of family and give off a different impression to others who also fund this amazing company.

    1. Michelle Anderson

      So if I disagree with you, it automatically means I hate you or hate lgbt people? I could do the same to you. You must hate me because I disagree with you. See how that works. Nazi Germany didn’t allow religion. Be careful what you wish for or demand.

      1. Paul Alter

        Michelle, well, yes. If someone agrees with or supports a racist position, that makes that person racist. If someone agrees with or supports a homophobic position, that makes that person homophobic. That’s how it works. You can’t take a position of hate, discrimination, abuse, or limiting someone’s rights without taking the label that defines it.

        Michael’s position is for equality for all. If someone else’s position is counter to that, limiting the rights of another group, then by definition it is a position of inequality, of discrimination, and of hate.

        1. Pat

          No, you believe it’s homophobic to not expose gay shows to kids and i believe it’s inappropriate. If i say your position is pedophilic does that make it true? I may believe it is but that is my opinion. Opinions are not facts lefty

          1. Alex Murray

            Lefty? Paul never explained his political viewpoint. A homosexual is not the same thing as a pedophile. One includes a healthy relationship between two men or women, the other is a crime. Only wishing for queer love stories to be taken off Disney+ while keep heterosexual ones on, only proves that you, along with Michelle are both homophobic. It’s unfortunate that you believe politics are involved in social equality.

      2. Daddy Piranha

        No, disagreeing with her doesn’t mean you hate LGBT people. Hating LGBT people means that. Your misdirection doesn’t adequately cover that up.

  5. Jason

    I saw it and it was great. Funny and touching. It’s a big world out there. Either embrace it or stay in your cave. If you don’t like it, cancel your subscription. Gay is normal. Gay is natural. As much as being straight.

    1. Darla

      This does NOT belong on a streaming service aimed at children! It was disgusting!! I wish there was a way I could block this short film!

      1. Lex

        We NEED more lgbt+ Representation. I’m sorry but what’s wrong with two people in love? It’s just the same as any other hetero relationship. Jason summed it up perfectly. If you don’t like it you don’t have to Watch it but lgbt is Normal, you just want to live in a black and white world.

      2. Hannah

        Shut up 🙂

      3. Rick

        It was disgusting to me too!
        (No offense)

  6. Traci

    Although I do support all gay and Lesbian. Disney does not need to send sexually preference messages/lessons. The question is, why? I am for characters that are gay/Lesbian, but no need to teach about coming out.

    1. Brian

      Okay then let’s remove all that have hetero relationships. Those teach that hetero views. Stop excluding people. Love is love. And why not teach kids about coming out?? It would give them hope and lead to less lgbtq suicide.

      1. Mitchie

        Let’s not do that…

    2. Gino

      Kids need to learn that it’s normal to be gay or lesbian cause it’s not like it’s a choice the more parents keep making it a big deal the more people are going to look down upon it , why is it ok to be a guy and a girl but not town guys love is love no matter what and everyone should embrace it due to its legal and what if ur kid is gay !

    3. Matt

      LOL, you sound fun. So what gay and lesbian people do you support? The ones that don’t show any affection in front of you? The ones that are closeted? News alert, Disney and most media promotes heterosexual relationships in most movies, tv shows, advertisements, commercials, songs… How much more do you need that validates your lifestyle??? Don’t be so greedy…

    4. Simon

      Dear Traci. This is very unfortunate. LGBTI+ adults come from LGBTI+ children. We need to know that we are ok to exist And be ourselves in the world at a young age, and ‘Out’ beautifully informs us of this. It’s nothing to do with sex. We knew we were ‘different’ at a very early age. I knew when I was 3 and didn’t fully recognise it until I was 12. Please talk to your gay friends (if you have any) or do some research about how LGBTI+ people NEEDED representation like this as children. This ‘petition’ is nothing but hate speech.

    5. K

      No it is not people loving each other is not gross lady -.- I hate homophobic people like you

  7. JChacin

    Any way we can support the short? is there a competing petition or some other way to champion the short?

    1. Erjen


      I’d like to know that as well.

  8. JW

    HBOmax put a warning on gone with the wind, maybe it’s fair Disney does the same with the short so parents can make an informed decision on their own.

    1. Andrew Werling

      I disagree. Parents don’t have a moral right to teach their kids that LGBT existence and experiences are somehow immoral. That is child abuse.

      1. K

        So telling you child about something is child abuse but letting them believe that it is gross for two males to date is okay??!

      2. dot

        yoooo is this the clown instituition?

  9. Brian Cheslik

    I loved it so much. I watched it 3 times and cried all 3. It’s so important for lgbtq youth to see their identity reflective in mainstream entertainment. Not everyone is hetero. So stop oppressing and excluding humans.

  10. Julie

    I didn’t even know about this short till I saw this post. I went and watched it and it is so awesome. I see the struggle every gay person has to go through in it. I don’t have any issues with gays. They are as equal a person as any straight. There are also many children out there who figure out they’re gay at a young age. Keep this film on Disney+

  11. Allie

    Also, I’m just glad none of the parents die in Act 1.

  12. James Winstanley

    I watched it, and all it promoted was love and acceptance. I’m bisexual. My mother, a devout Catholic, has no problems with me dating a woman or a man. She knows love is love. I do not understand why showing two men or two women in a loving relationship is so offensive to these “christians” when Jesus Himself hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes (I think He was also getting some action with the latter), who were reviled by the society. If Jesus were to return today, He’d most likely be hanging out on Christopher Street in New York City or in San Francisco with LGBTQ+ people and accepting them for who they are and who they choose to love without judging or condemning them.

  13. Missy

    Oh my gosh! What an adorable short! I could watch it over and over again. I don’t think children will be scarred by watching this. Instead, it’s a great lesson on how being “different” is not a bad thing. It’s just different. People need to celebrate who they are…short, tall, skinny, fat, black, white, brown, gay, straight, old, young, etc. If we’re going to take this off b/c people think it’s “wrong,” there are a lot of other things out there that people don’t get as hung up on that are “wrong.”

  14. Andy

    This is crazy. There is nothing wrong with this short. People are BIRy forced to watch anything. Plus to imply or demand that Disney to remove it would violate the first amendment. On top of that. Disney has millions of loyal fans who like ALL there content and judgemental. Just sad. Then more over Disney doesn’t like “haters”. If you don’t like the content Disney offers then don’t join

  15. Mitchie

    Where do i sign?!

  16. Pam

    I love “Out” is jus beautiful and is perfect. We nee more like that in the world.

  17. tori

    I’m not against LGBT. I’m a little conflicted about this being on Disney+, Its putting it into kids heads about same sex relationships when they should just figure it out on their own if they are gay or not. Especially if they watch this at a young age, I have a 3 year old and another that’s 1 1/2. I just wouldn’t show this to them. That’s just my opinion.

    1. hannah

      and why aren’t they allowed to discover or figure out their own identities and freedoms? u are against lgbt then:) it won’t turn them gay, it will keep them more open minded, knowing that there are not just relationships with just a boy and a girl.

  18. Anne Onymous

    Then don’t watch it, don’t ruin it for everyone else, you think I enjoyed watching rapunzel take my man

  19. Lee

    Mitchie calm down

    1. james

      where do i sign my son is 2 years old and his mind is not development yet . I will teach my son not disney

  20. Kali

    I love out but I do not love these comments why would you want to sign up for something that supports homophobia kids should learn about lgbtq they don’t have to be a member of it but supporting it is better than driving lgbtq members to hide or commit suicide

  21. Ssss

    why? Why do you want to remove it? Just because disney is a studio for kids does not mean that they can’t publicise it. Just because other studios have done it does not mean disney has the right to put it on disney plus. Disney still has a long way to go with LGBTQ rep.

  22. I personally think it should not be removed bcs ppl rlly making an lgbtq+ movies and it has bad representative and ppl will think us lgbtq+ ppl are bad, and its not gonna make ur child gay bcs its not a brain washing video. It shows to ppl it is okay to be gay. I appreciate it bcs disney rarely makes a lgbtq video.

  23. Daniel Davison

    I just watched this, with some reservation. But it is charming, funny, heartwarming and wholesome. I did not see anything objectionable, or counter to Disney values.

    Disney, to me, means “family entertainment”, and the message that this short feature sends is that the essential nature of family is love and support.

    I hope the company ignores this, and any subsequent, similar, petition.

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