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Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    I never saw the inflatable “Birthday cake” castle, or the castle toilet-papered and graffiti’ed for Stitch’s attraction opening, but I did see the 30th anniversary one with a big shiny plaque over the entrance, and gold character statues all around the towers.
    So…what’s the problem I’m looking at here?

    1. Pamela

      Those were temporary.

  2. Grace

    Your article describes perfectly how I’ve been feeling for a long time. I understand change, and being relevant to young children today. I just wish that Disney would stop throwing lifetime fans under the bus. Please leave us SOMETHING of the past for us.

    1. Kathleen Chappina

      As a former WDW entertainment Cast Member from 1979 I agree that enough is enough, we have lost so very much of what made the magic happen ,this is not ( nor shall ever be again) what WALT envisioned for The Magic Kingdom “They Paved Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot” same thing applies, WDW has taken Mr.Toad, 10K, the original Pirates of the Caribbean, The original Tiki Room and transformed them / eliminated them ….how very 😥

      1. Julie Young

        Absolutely! The corporate remake of Disney World wipes out all of the nostalgia that goes back a couple generations. I can’t understand why the park centerpiece needed to be “reimagined,” as they say.

  3. Darth Wistful

    I completely agree with this op-ed expressing ITM’s overall opinion of the castle.


    Bring back The Swan Boats, If You Had Wings, Mickey’s Birthdayland & Flight to the Moon.

    Let’s start a petition today!

    1. Tom

      It looks cheesy. Why pink? It’s Cinderella castle, not Sleeping Beauty castle. Although change is good in some areas, this is one that should have never happened.p

      1. Sarah Gravely

        I’m ok with the blue and gold being repainted but I hate the pink! It’s not Sleeping Beauty’s castle! 😭

        1. Mandie

          I absolutely agree with all of you. Why the pink? Seriously 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Pamela

    I totally agree with the article. Our castle set us apart. I always felt we had the most beautiful of the Disney castles. Now it just looks like Tokyo Disney’s castle, which is beautiful, but it wasn’t a necessary change for Orlando.

  5. Jim

    Know what this site needs? More ads. Good lord. Unreadable. I miss Ricky.

  6. Larry

    So happy these are only opinions….
    I’m happy to see the castle’s face lift. I’ve been going to Magic Kingdom since 1981 and have several photos with the castle in the background. The one thing they all have in common — the castle is dull and blends into the cloud cover of the Florida sky. Some color was needed to let the castle stand out. Was pink the right color? Why not? It’s the entrance to Fantasy Land.

  7. James

    Is it really that big of a deal that they updated it? Seems a little dramatic…

    1. Darth Wistful

      Hello, this is the internet speaking.

      Last week were angry about re-branding Splash Mountain.

      This week it’s the castle.

      Stay tuned to see what we’re going to get all upset about next week!

      1. MrsWeasleysTwin

        Truth. Always gotta be upset about something these days.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s disheartening to see them change things not because of nostalgia but because of popularity. The reason they chose the vibrant colors is so that it pops out more on people’s feeds and looks more noticeable. I think they need to take a step back and realize that not every update and refresh has to be newsworthy! It’s okay to just give it a repaint with the same colors but they gave the excuse of celebrating some anniversary of Cinderella which is nonsense. There doesn’t need to be some magical explanation for everything. I liked the concept art they released for it but in reality it looks like a cotton candy and mustard mess. Hopefully after the 50th they can change it back.

  9. Justin

    “Unique color scheme” How is blue and grey a unique color scheme?!

    What gets me so confused is how so many people become so delusional as to think they have a say in what a company ON PRIVATE PROPERTY does with itself. You like it? Cool. You don’t like it? Cool. What is confounding is all the heated arguments about something that DOES NOT IMPEDE ON THEIR QUALITY OF PRODUCT. Y’all act like they took to painting each of your houses neon green or something. It’s a SLIGHT variation on their color scheme for the castle. More warmth than the cold stone before. Find something worthwhile to argue about. “There are people dying, Kim.”

    1. Tom Morrow

      Who’s the one getting heated, Kim?

  10. Art

    When the did the inflatable birthday cake “cakestel” I thought it ugly. When I saw it in person instead of as a photo I thought it wasn’t as bad as I thought from the photos. The 2005 golden trimmed castle in honoir of Disneylandy 50th was spectacular. Hated to see it go. The golden touches newly added bring some of that back. Not a huge fan of the pink but probably because it’s usually a blue color plan. But all in all. It’s just paint. It gets repainted all the time. Remember, the only constant is change.

  11. Ed G.

    I like the idea of sprucing up the castle by using a brighter blue on the roofs and gold edging. But the pink/salmon stone coloring is a little more than I feel was needed.

  12. Grace

    This is exactly how I feel isn’t Cinderella‘s castle anymore it’s sleeping beauties castle it’s way too childish it just doesn’t seem as magical they took it a bit too far. This time

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