Comments for NBA Players Express Concerns Regarding Upcoming Season at Disney World

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  1. Bill

    These are spoiled elitist filthy rich men who should be at the top of the fitness charts with no underlying medical issues. They’ve got fat contracts that require it. They just don’t want to be restricted to one place. Orlando citizens should be more worried about the players coming to WDW – they sure aren’t known to be rule followers.

    Sit it out, guys. You’re overpaid anyway.

    1. Brandi philpott

      Before the virus we planned our first family vacation to Disney land and since then we had to put $2000 of the money towards bills. It is hard and sad knowing it might not happen now. We are back to saving pennies to be able to go eventually.

  2. Charlotte

    I think these overpaid babies should consider themselves lucky that they have a paid job offer. Many frontline workers are making real sacrifices and these jerks are complaining about having to spend two months on the NBA dime playing a sport. Get over yourselves!

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