Comments for Comcast CEO Shares Message with Universal Employees Regarding Civil Unrest

Comcast CEO Message

Credit: Comcast/Universal


  1. Cindy Caine

    Does this mean we do not have to go to work on the 5th???

  2. Marco Pironi

    I’m guessing that you probably have better avenues to get your question answered then on the ITM comment board. Good luck!

    1. Cindy Caine

      You think that but welcome to life of a theme park employee! I was also trying to be sarcastic above bc none of us are ready for friday… and with everything going on we are just scared!

  3. Mark

    Has the world gone bonkers!!! All lives and all colors should matter its not racist to say it its justice! The evil people make it racist! And before you black people get at me etc. I am white and i still sometimes fear for my life my daughters life look around you we are living in the same world through covid through the riots through the pain!!! Your making it about you and making it worse! Maybe you should look at your fellow black man whom gives you a bad name and thats coming from my friend whose black says it all the time thanks for making us look bad! Also if your in fl your eyes arent open enough most homeless i see are white & hispanic! Floyd died a horrible death but no protest is going to make up for it nor bring him back!

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