NEW Must Have Loungefly Disney Princess Backpacks

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Disney Princess Bags

Disney backpacks are a wardrobe must have for a lot of Disney fans, a collection item for others, and an accessory always seen around Disney parks.

Loungefly and Hot Topic definitely contribute to the Disney backpack addiction. And this new collection is no exception!

The new Loungefly Disney Princesses Sketch Mini Backpack is just adorable and sweet. The Disney Princess collection features five mini backpacks with characters like Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Meeko from Pocahontas.

The Princesses Sketch collection has a delicate aspect to it, since the princesses on the backpack look like they were sketched on someone’s sketch book. The fine line traces and the pastel colors create the sweet and delicate feature associated with Disney princesses.


aurora mini backpack
Credit: Hot Topic

Featuring a pink Aurora Sketch design with birds and flowers.


A lavender-colored backpack with Rapunzel’s sketch and sundry flowers.


cinderella mini backpack
Credit: Hot Topic

The light blue backpack features a sketch of Cinderella with flowers.

Snow White

Snow White mini backpack
Credit: Hot Topic

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The fairest of the backpacks! The yellow-colored backpack is inspired by Snow White’s dress, features a sketch of the Disney princess and a birdie carrying an apple (non-poisoned).


Meeko mini backpack
Credit: Hot Topic

The Pocahontas-inspired mini backpack features the playful Meeko hanging on to sunflowers with leaves all around.

Which of the Disney Princesses mini backpack is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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