NEW Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly Mini Backpack Swims To The Surface

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Real Live Mermaids! Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly Mini Backpack

Imagine! Real Live Mermaids! Wendy’s fervor for magical creatures would be all a frenzy if she could see this up and coming release. New from Loungefly is this Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly Mini Backpack with traditional straps and a beautifully styled front piece.

Real Live Mermaids! Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly Mini Backpack
Credit: @MyAwesomeCollectibles on IG

Our eye was dazzled at the sight of this deep dive into Peter Pan’s Neverland. Featuring all the ladies of Mermaid Lagoon, the Disney Loungefly purse details Mermaid Rock with all the 6 fish females and their accessories. Looming above the stitched applique are rocks and floral arrangements reminiscent of the Lagoon that will have you flipping like a Neverland mermaid.  And we’re spotting the longtime fan-fiction theory of The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s mother on the rock holding the harp. Red hair ponytail and purple seashells? We think this has always been the inspiration for Triton’s bride!

Peter Pan literally flies off the mini backpack as he dangles from a “leather” and metal keychain-style faux leather fob. Imagine his movement as you waltz down the Omnimover after Peter Pan’s Flight at Walt Disney World Resort!

Her Universe offers a few other glances at the Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly bag’s details, like Wendy’s quote emblazoned on the back corner, or the traditional straps that come on the mini backpacks. What you won’t find this time are the front zipper pockets that we love for smaller items. Never fear for items like your phone quick-draw chapstick. The side pockets are intact to keep your Disney Style secure at the Disney Parks!

peter-pan-mermaid-lagoon-mini-backpack-loungefly back
peter-pan-mermaid-lagoon-mini-backpack-loungefly side

Here’s the post where My Awesome Collectibles had us swimming with glee over the Mermaid Lagoon Loungefly Mini Backpack. In fact, the feed contained more than one bag that we coveted for our collection:

Get Those Other Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks!

loungefly robin hood oliver

The @MyAwesomeCollectibles IG feed also had some gorgeous characters that usually don’t get enough screentime. InsideTheMagic recently posted about the new Disney character driven Taxi-style Oliver and Company mini backpack and wallet line that are driving us crazy!  Likewise, the Robin Hood bag that visualizes the archery competition is shooting straight for our hearts! Go undercover with Robin Hood and Little John as they sneak around (literally) right under Prince John’s nose!

If you can’t get to Bell CA to My Awesome Collectible’s shop to pick up this set of Disney Style items, some of these bags are available at the Loungefly Site,, and, but supplies will go fast! Others like the Mermaid Lagoon are sold out in some places!

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