Lilo and Stitch Fans Celebrate Film’s 18th Anniversary

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Lilo and Stitch 18th anniversary

Lilo and Stitch is a bit of an oddball of the Walt Disney Animation classics. The film doesn’t feature a princess and it is largely set in an Earth very much like ours, (you know, except for all the aliens).

This odd little Disney movie bombarded into theaters with a little bit of hype, but soon became a box office monster with a devout fan community that still herald it as the greatest gift Walt Disney animation has ever given us.

So despite consistent rumblings of a live-action remake as well as recent Disney Plus censorship, Lilo and Stitch fans took to Twitter to wish the film a happy birthday with a series of celebratory tweets.

Lilo and Stitch came out in 2002 making June 21st its (gulp) 18th anniversary. Man, I feel old.

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Lilo and Stitch 18th anniversary Twitter celebrations

Lilo and Stitch on the iconic Disney film‘s 18th anniversary

Lilo and Stitch 18th anniversary

Lilo and Stitch is just bursting with character. This weird little film about a troubled kid and her pet alien friend took inspiration from the Star Wars series and took Walt Disney animation to the world of sci-fi.

It was a huge box office success and spawned a huge franchise with a television series and three more movies. The Lilo and Stitch animated series fills me with nostalgia, while the three sequels Stitch! The Movie, Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, and Leroy and Stitch firmly cemented Experiment 626 as a top-tier character in the Disney lineup.

The franchise even spawned a manga simply called Stitch! which ran in Japan from 2008. Though it’s such a simple idea, Disney fans can’t seem to get enough of this Hawaiian pair, whether it be in the form of food, cartoons, or attractions at Disney theme parks.

And really, can you blame them? Lilo and Stitch‘s touching story of family in a real-life difficult situation (up until we meet Stitch, that is) remains one of the most mature depictions of an orphaned child-sister relationship ever put to screen.

Are you celebrating the 18th anniversary of Lilo and Stitch? Let us know in the comments below.

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