Comments for Fans Create Counter Petition to Keep Pixar’s ‘Out’ on Disney+

Out Love is Love


  1. Anthony Zepeda

    You know living as a gay married man. Watched this short film for the first time with my husband yesterday very well put together. And for someone wanting to take this film down I don’t understand. Kids love Star Wars even adults but with that not being a real story it’s ok??. What I’m trying to say this film puts real life into perspective on what happens in real life. Dealing with sexuality. This film is a great film tell me where I can sign the petition to keep this film up and running.

  2. Jan

    I watched the short film yesterday. I loved it. Love is love. This is something our children will face in their lives and this is a perfect introduction. We could try to hide them from everything in the world. I prefer to prepare them that there are all kinds of love in the world.

  3. I’m glad this counter-petition to keep the short was made. This reminds me of something I discussed with my mom a while back: “Homophobia leads to heterophobia, the hatred of straight people–that is why straight allies exist.”

  4. Annoyed

    Call it what you want but it’s wrong of Pixar and Disney to allow children to have access to these film shorts and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing this and giving in. Is there a way for parents to block the shorts via some Parental Controls? Parents should be able to control their children’s ability to view these shorts based on their beliefs and values of how they choose to raise their children and not a group’s idea of what should be available.
    STOP giving in!!!

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