Harry Potter Actor Weighs in On Huge J.K. Rowling Twitter Controversy

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Katie Leung Cho Chang JK Rowling Twitter controversy

J.K. Rowling has once again landed herself in hot water on Twitter.

Just recently, she came under fire from the LGBTQ community on Twitter for liking a transphobic tweet as well as previously voicing her support for former researcher Maya Forstater for her controversial comments on what defines a woman.

JK Rowling Twitter Controversy

Many trans people (as well as non-trans people) have written back with significant backlash to Rowling in the past, with some outright demanding the Harry Potter author admit she’s transphobic.

This week, however, Rowling didn’t just like a tweet, but rather, she wrote a series of comments on Twitter outlining her opinions on sex, gender identity, and what makes a woman a woman; something she’s previously never done.

JK Rowling‘s Twitter comments on transgender people

JK Rowling Twitter Controversy

The creator of the Harry Potter universe outlined her thoughts on the transgender community with a series of tweets that many consider to be transphobic remarks. Take a look at her Twitter feed for yourself;

Rowling took further backlash for the timing of her social media comments, as many questioned why in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, Rowling considered now to be the time to controversially tweet her opinions on the transgender community.

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The conversation also quickly turned to what some consider to be the author‘s underlying racist rhetoric, as one Twitter user pointed out the stereotypical name of one of the few Asian characters in the Harry Potter series; Cho Chang.

This in turn led actor Katie Leung, who portrayed Chang in the Harry Potter films to pitch in on her own Twitter account.

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Katie Leung on Cho Chang

Katie Leung Twitter Cho Chang

However, in a move to support the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, Leung cleverly created a thread that ignored the question entirely, to instead draw attention to various petitions and gofundme pages that specifically support black trans people. She concluded her thread with a tweet that just read #AsiansForBlacklives;

Leung received unanimous praise from Twitter, while Rowling continues to receive widespread criticism and disappointed comments from Potter fans who consider her a ‘trans exclusive radical feminist‘ or ‘TERF’, something that she also tweeted that she considered to be a slur.

One thing’s for sure; if there’s one person who is slowly chiseling away at her own fan goodwill, it’s JK Rowling.

What do you think of Rowling‘s comments about the transgender community as well as the naming of Cho Chang? Let us know in the comments below.

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