Comments for Rowling Defends Transphobic Comments, Reveals History With Assault

J.K. Rowling

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  1. Matt

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion… But its a shame when someone like JK who has such a hugeeeeeee platform and sphere of influence to not educate themselves and try to better themselves, especially since she has been criticized for the same issue before.

    1. Rizz

      Before you criticize somebody for what do you perceive to be like in vegucation, you need to take a course on human anatomy. Every word of what she said was factually correct. If you can prove otherwise, by all means.

      1. Ken

        Except, she wasn’t.

        Problem is, not sure you would be convinced with any sources.

        But..you might want to review your own anatomy class.

    2. Corey W

      You’re right, everyone is entitled to their opinion . . . . The real shame is that people can’t respect the fact that somebody’s opinion may be different then their own and can’t leave it at that.

      1. Matt

        Well when your opinions are damaging to a group of people, why do you want to put that out in the universe??? Seems like people have the power to make the choice to not be crappy to people publicly, and when you choose to vocalize your negative opinions, then I can be annoyed at them.

        I am not trans, but if you imagined that if there was something that you were not happy about yourself or your body, and that you do something that doesn’t hurt or affect anyone to make yourself feel more whole, like transitioning, wouldn’t you want to do that for yourself? and wouldn’t you feel bad if people said negative things about what you did? If there is something about someone walking down the street that I don’t like, I don’t yell out “I don’t like ____ about you”

        1. Corey W

          I’ll say again what you’ve already mentioned in your original post . . . . Everyone is entitled to their opinion . . . and no where in the 1st amendment does it say that an individual is entitled to their opinion only if it doesn’t hurt somebody’s feelings . . . . . there’s 7.5 billion people in the world, if you think that there is any possibility that someday they will all think alike then you’re in the right place, you’re living in fantasyland! You’re like most liberals, “it’s ok to have an opinion . . . as long as it’s the same as mine”

          1. Matt

            Lol I love it whenever commenters go “oh liberals!!! You all are the same.” I don’t give a ham what you think, Corey W. You have the same platform that I do, internet chat room comments. I don’t care that you enjoy putting negativity into the universe, as I will most likely never have any interaction beyond this with you. I just wish people with an actual platform to reach people, that they could see their influence and potential harm that the things that they say to people has.

          2. Corey W

            @matt, because it’s true! you are all the same! it’s your way or no way on EVERYTHING! And I have not put any negativity out in the universe so I’m not sure where you come off saying that. I have just learned to respect EVERYONE’s 1st amendment right and think maybe you should try it. As you said before . . . everyone has a right to their own opinion now go that extra step and respect their opinion. Come on! You can do it matt!

          3. Ken

            ..first amendment is about government censorship. That’s it.

            Sure, she can state an opinion, but there are consequences.

          4. Corey W

            Matt/Ken (you’re probably the same person.) The 1st amendment is not only about government censorship. It’s also about freedom. “The five freedoms it protects: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government. Together, these five guaranteed freedoms make the people of the United States of America the freest in the world.”

            A quick search would have told you the same. Keep trying though, I’m confident you’ll get there 🙂 I can’t guarantee you though that there won’t be something that you’ll be offended by or that you won’t get your feelings hurt, so be warned.

  2. Accio Eye-Roll

    You know who else deals with a history of abuse and trauma…. trans women and especial trans women of color… leave it to a straight white woman to make it all about them…

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