Comments for James Gunn Speaks out About EPCOT’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Ride

james gunn guardians ride


  1. Loui B

    Not really sure what this article added to what we already know about the attraction, which isn’t very much. Think we know a lot more about the ride vehicle then we really do know anything about the ride.

  2. Melanie Durham

    Thank you for this article, it was well written and very informative regardless of negative Nate up above! I certainly cannot wait for this new coaster! 💜

  3. Wayne

    From the description, it sounds a lot like the “Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts” ride at Universal Studios. So, we’ll have to see how “never seen before” it is.

  4. James

    Who came up with “never before seen” obviously has never been to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure lately.

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