HK Disneyland Characters Meet Guests in a New Way!

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Hong Kong Disneyland has reopened, and it’s a little different these days.  Since they can’t offer all the entertainment they previously did just yet due to new health and safety protocols, they’re getting creative with different ways to make our Disney trips magical.

Disney character meet and greets are one of those activities that guests enjoy so much, but since we can’t get up close for a hug and a photo, Hong Kong Disneyland is offering new opportunities for us to see our favorite Disney characters.  Shanghai Disneyland has also done something similar so that we can still see those beloved smiling faces.

Thanks to Disney Magical Kingdom Blog, we can get a glimpse at Hong Kong Disneyland character meet and greets, which hint at what we might expect at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort next month.

Mickey and Friends Dancing at the Railroad Station

It’s definitely a time to celebrate that the magic is alive after not being able to visit the Disney Parks for so long.  You can see that Mickey and his friends are really enjoying this time together back together.  From the looks of it, they’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed them!

Minnie and Mickey Riding Attractions

Minnie and Mickey have always been super relatable and now even more so.  Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of those attractions that really just makes you feel like a little kid again, and Minnie and Mickey look like they love riding it at much as we do.  Stitch flew on the Orbitron and the Green Army Men from Toy Story got a thrill on their own Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.

Frozen Photo Op

Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff from Frozen look as majestic from afar as they do up close.  Anna and Kristoff look so in love as they pose for photos and Elsa dominates the space with her beauty and sweet waves to the crowd.  It’s great that all the princesses and princes in the crowd can still say hello!

Having experiences like this may be even more memorable than doing a meet and greet while posing for a photo with Disney characters.  These are special moments where you get to experience the Disney Parks with the Disney characters versus going to the parks just to see them.  Claps for Hong Kong Disneyland allowing Disney characters to enjoy the park with the guests in this new way!

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