Comments for OpEd: Disney Should Make Hercules’s Adoptive Parents a Gay Couple in the Remake

Hercules remake gay couple

Credit: Disney


  1. Frederick

    So, I guess that’d pretty much spoil the “Hercules, we aren’t your birth parents” thing…

    1. Lydia


  2. Matt

    Knowing Disney’s history, if they ever advertised that they will feature LGBT characters in Hercules, it would likely end up being two male ghosts holding hands floating behind Hades in the underworld…

    1. Janie

      I always thought pain N panic were too! The parents are a little much.

  3. A

    I am really excited for this movie. “Hercules” was my favourite Disney movie growing up. Also, as a someone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community I am excited to see representation in more Disney films and as Greek person I would love to see representation of Greek culture. I understand that this is a fictional story, but it’s based on a real culture, country and community of people. There have been two films about “Hercules” in the last 10 years, none of the cast was Greek. I hope to see a young Greek actor portray “Hercules” and have my culture and communities represented and respected.

  4. EricJ

    Hercules, people. No, strike that: Hercules REMAKE. For Disney+.

    …Has the Social Crusade for Pop-Cultural Coattailing sunk THIS far, out of our frustration that we didn’t get Queen Elsa or Captain America, or that LeFou or that Onward character only got one freakin’ line each?
    (And the Onward character only turned out to be a misquote, like the Finding Dory “couple”!)

    We now continue with our jokes of “Hey, after all, they are Greek.”
    As well our annual reminder: People, we know it’s “Pride Month”, but…watch different movies, please?

  5. roy

    Really, enough of this already! If an alien landed in the U.S. these days they would wonder how 350,000,000 people came to be if they are all gay ! Also ,stop “repainting” old disney ! I grew up with the warm loving childhood memories of it if you agree with it or not it’s mine ! If you want to blaze new trails, be like Walt and his imagineers and blaze NEW trails !

  6. K.S.G.

    I really don’t get why people need to “see someone identical to them” on screen to feel represented or identified.
    I’m a Mexican woman, and I can learn from and identify with values and/or flaws in each and every character. Be they male/female, of any skin tone, of any race, of any sexual orientation… We are all human, humanity is what makes us… US.
    And characters have normally been written to be a certain way for a purpose. If they can be modernized, then so be it. But mind you, our modernity has confusing morals. We had to explain to my 8 year old niece why suddenly Maleficent isn’t evil, and now she thinks its ok to do things that “may appear bad, for her own good intentions”.
    All I’m saying is… If there weren’t any gay parental couples in ancient Greece… then so be it. I’m 100% sure there weren’t any Mexicans in ancient Greece either, and I’d feel it ridiculous if they suddenly appeared.

  7. Joey

    Nah – instead they should MAKE MEG BI!

    Hear me out. A major part of Meg’s storyline is that she risked her soul to save her former lover. She’s one of the few Disney characters that readily discusses an ex so her having two love interests is integral to the story already. So make the ex a woman and Meg is the hero who tried to save her girlfriend and paid for it. And now she’s falling for Herc despite her best efforts. It’s almost no change to the actual story. Not being shoehorned to pander because her ex is a major plot point. Fits her bad ass character. It can be done subtly enough to be trimmed for China (not a fan but let’s be real). It’s realistic to Greek and Roman mythology- from which Meg is a hodgepodge character anyway. And let’s face it, there needs to be some better bi representation out there.

  8. uhhhhh no they shouldn’t his adoptive parents where fine

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