Comments for Should Disney Remove Hanging Body Scene From Haunted Mansion?


  1. Chris

    How about NO? If we’re changing everything because ONE person gets “offended” then Disney Parks are going to become a cesspool of boredom.

    1. Darth Updates

      Rather than remove it, perhaps Disney could take a completely different approach that satisfies old schoolers by not removing the gag while at the same time fits the wishes of those who want change…

      After the Ghost Host says, “There’s always MY way out…,” he can pause, take a deep breath and continue, “…And as I learned, this difficult, lonely decision affected those who cared the most about me. Come with us now to learn how a single choice can change the lives of so many.”

      And then the entire ride after that could be re-themed to a compassionate and sensitive approach to the subject matter.

      It would definitely help if they could find somebody who can imitate Robin William’s voice to do this new narrative.

      1. Oh my!!
        How about get over these “teachable”
        Moments and religious type narcissism on you trying to fix my sin as you overlook your iwn sins.
        It a theme park not a therapist park!! Lol

      2. Sharon

        Such a short scene.
        Eben if you know it’s coming, it’s still hard to see anything. People are getting carried away with all this P.C. nonsense. I vote to leave the Haunted Mansion as it is. In fact, I don’t like the attic anymore! Put it back to the way it was originally!!

      3. Robert Kruck

        You are a weak soft liberal and a pathetic little sissy.

      4. JAS

        People can find offense at anything given enough time..It’s. time to “just say no”…to the politically correct crowd. Its a finctional story/ride folks that has nothing to do with lynchings, nazis, race, sexual orientation, bla, bla, bal…and suggesting suicide….its Disney and if you spend time trying to understand the storyline and desingers intent….youwould see this for what it is…pure classic Walt Disney imagination and fun. What child hasn’t loved a spook house knowing the thrill and sillyness of it all.

      5. Kathy Johnson

        Please! Next thing you will want is Care Bears handing out “pick me up bouquets “ in the graveyard scene.
        Give me a break! It’s perfect the way it is. If you don’t like it, stay out of the mansion!

        1. PL

          Could none of you tell that Darth was being sarcastic?

          1. Amanda Pike

            I wish they were but I’ve been on sites like Tumblr too long and seen too many comments like this said seriously…

        2. Nicole L Thompson

          Exactly. No one is forcing people to go to WDW, no one is forcing them onto the ride, and if they are offended by the brief flash of a fake hanging body (in a room filled with other old-timey creepy things which apparently don’t offend them), don’t look up! Crybaby, self-important PC fanatical SJWs don’t tend to even go to Disney, the parks shouldn’t cater to them.

      6. James

        Do not change this scene! Please i am begging you, keep it! It is not offensive, it is amusing!

    2. Ken

      They kind of already are.

    3. jayden

      oh yes, how BORING it would be if they removed an element that isn’t important to the ride but is upsetting for many people!

      1. Andrea

        I don’t think they should change or remove anything on the rides. People make up stories that they are offended by the hanging or splash mt. What is disney thinking given into these idiots? And hiring the racist colin k disney you are out of your mind. How could you hire the biggest racist ever. And everyone loves the Hall of Presidents so don’t close that history teaching show!

        1. nick

          Couldn’t agree more. Shame on Disney for creating an attraction that makes light of something scary like death and spirits. I think Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos celebrations worldwide should be banned. All you self-appointed PC police out there should get a life !

        2. Kathy Johnson

          I agree!
          Stay out of DisneyWorld if you don’t like things that everyone else loves!
          I want the Hall of Presidents left alone and open!
          These panty wetting sissy’s are out of line and need to stay home.

      2. Amanda Pike

        But it’s NOT upsetting to many people. It’s the first scare of what is meant to be a haunted house. What’s next? Pretending the ghosts aren’t dead people because death bothers people?

    4. Caroline RN

      I love that Chris, Couldn’t have said it any better.

    5. Rob

      Yes no kidding. You can barely see if you don’t know it’s there and lynching seriously????? LMAO that someone wrote that. It’s an amusement attraction.

    6. Anonymous

      100% agree on this. NO change. There will always be a small minority (0.1%) of people that aren’t happy. If we always listen to this 0.1% minority, everything we enjoy about the park will be gone.

      Ignore the 0.1%. The park is great.

  2. Ken

    This is pretty much what I expected. Give the PC police Splash Mountain and nothing is safe. The PC Police hate about everything. I expect Woody to suffer their wrath soon. Sure his holster is empty but it shows he once had a gun. Won’t be acceptable to them.

    1. Sarah

      I’m never one to change things in Disney especially for just the sake of PC but I have thought this needs to be removed for a while. It makes me uncomfortable and teases suicide.

      1. Jacob

        So don’t go on the ride? And leave the ride for fans of story and mystery. You can mind the bags.

        1. ROGER D STEVENS

          AMEN. You don’t like it, stay off it.

      2. It’s a trigger. A classmate hung herself in middle school. She was successful.

        1. Tyrone

          only the strong survive. sorry.

        2. Well then her troubles are over, now aren’t they?

      3. Dave kearney

        This is getting silly now theres nothing wrong with said scene its actualy in the movie! Pc brigade ahaim what happend to free speach land of the free ? Heres a crazy idea if it offends u dont go back simple why should our lives be run by those who want to edit our lives our history etc you can pull apart any film tv show and find issues to complain about recent disney included these are ment for our enjoyment if you didnt like it thats not our fault why should it be be changed to suit you ? We had this in the 90s ow its back its pathetic update tweak make it relevent to keep fresh but not rewrite or remodle because someone got offended seriously what kind of a world are we headed for its a haunted house ghosts dead people are they going to stop horror noghts ? No its sad people with nothing better to do picking out issues that arnt there please disney let common sense prevail here stop pandering to the few and grow a pair your the parent not them lay down the law if they dont like stay away simple

      4. Traci

        Then DON’T GO!

      5. Mike

        From a person that tried suicide 32 years ago that hanging body in no way offends me. Get over yourself people quit being overly sensitive.

        1. Ned

          Thank you. Finally a reasonable person.

      6. Me

        Wow the perpetually offended have created their own little pandemic within Disney!
        If they are so offended by ride scenes why do they continue to go and allow the company to profit from them ? Maybe they could use their entrance fees,club together and buy themselves a little bit of land with absolutely nothing in or on it and spend days there together ,being offended by nothing and leave everyone else alone !

      7. Nicole L Thompson

        Just how weak of a person does one need to be significantly or permanently impacted by a half second scene in a Disney ride? My son was 1 1/2 when he first went on it. We have been on it soooo many times and yet somehow it has not impacted outlet thinking or lives…it’s a freaking haunted house, good grief. What type of deaths are acceptable for you? Murder is ok I take it, or will that be next up for revision?

    2. Manley

      Leave it alone until now I did not even notice that there was such a thing in the ride. My wife and I have been there over and over since 1976 and never noticed it. So just because some people say jump should we all say how high. No also watch out next they will want to change Chip and Dale because one nose is red and the other black. Can’t people just leave ssome thing go.

      1. Cathy Ferrelli

        I agree! I felt kind of goofy as I never looked up – just thought when he said “there is always my way” that he meant going thru the ride, lol!

      2. Omg I thought I was the only one that’s never seen this and I been on the rude many times , so I don’t think it’s a problem I’ve asked many people and they to have never noticed it , maybe we are all having to much fun to see the small details, I guess some people are just overly sensitive

        1. Elaine

          Leave it. It’s a Haunted Mansion

      3. Teri

        Same here never noticed it after 25 years if going. Guess because my kids and grand kids were always screaming to get out of that room.

    3. Shaunt

      Don’t forget they got their way with Pirates too. 😠 If this keeps up, there will be nothing left.

      1. Tammy Engel

        No ride in the parks will be safe, the millennials will have their way, and soon enough there will be nothing left of the past at all. Disney used to be my happy place, and Pirates used to be my fave ride – before those PC changes… I’m glad my kids got to enjoy the parks while they were still worth going to.

        1. Peter Brown

          No. Not sorry… it’s a “Haunted Mansion”, implicitly involving the macabre and, gasp, DEATH! The parasol wire walker WILL be eaten! The bottommost businessman will DIE in the quicksand! The dynamite WILL … and etcetera. What next? Remove the hag from Snow White’s Scary Adventures? Take Captain Hook out of Pan? Harold is trying to grab and EAT bobsled riders in the Matterhorn! Let’s see… what ELSE might bother someone? Headhunters? Hungry Jaguars? Pirates? Evil Alien Warlords (Zurg)? Weasels spraying dip at insuspecting riders? A violently upset Red Queen screaming “Off with her…”? I know you get the idea. You can find SOMETHING that SOMEONE will be bothered by in every ‘entertainment’ on this planet (except “it’s a small world”) can’t you. Grow up and give the majority of us some credit.

          I repeat … NO!

          1. Shell

            They already got rid of Snow White’s ride in WDW a few years ago because of it supposedly being too dark and replaced it with a Princess meet and greet to sell photos. This one really irked me as it was Disney’s first full-length film ..Just sad really.And the head hunter in Jungle Cruise offering the 2 for 1 deal is my favorite part but yea they are looking to change that as well.



  3. Liz

    I’ve never been a real comfortable scene fo me. One of my friends had her teenage son take his life by hanging. For some of us this is a very real, sad part of our life.

    1. Traci

      Sorry about your friend’s son. maybe you shouldn’t ride it if it bothers you. Not fair to wreck 51 years of history because you are bothered. The handful of people who this bothers should just home.

      1. Momoney9496

        You’re all implying it was a suicide, could have been a murder

        1. Billbodoggins

          Clearly it was a murder, or if it was deemed a suicide, it was brought on by the villain
          (Narrator-Ghost-host) who somehow influenced the hanging. It was has he said, “My way!”.

    2. Art

      Your comment is absurd. If we are to remove everything that triggers each person we will be living in a giant white box, actually the box may be black….

    3. Nicole L Thompson

      Just how weak of a person does one need to be significantly or permanently impacted by a half second scene in a Disney ride? My son was 1 1/2 when he first went on it. We have been on it soooo many times and yet somehow it has not impacted outlet thinking or lives…it’s a freaking haunted house, good grief. What type of deaths are acceptable for you? Murder is ok I take it, or will that be next up for revision?

  4. DSL

    Ghosts are a real part of life too. Let’s close all the Disney attractions. I’m sure there are people out there that are offended by something about each and every one of the rides. Maybe Walt had a distant relative that was a slave owner. Let’s crucify and shame the Disney family too!

    1. Rhonda

      Oh my God.. get a life people. If all you have to is find fault where there clearly is none, you have far too much time on your hands

    2. Marie

      Grow up! If you find it is so offensive don’t look up or don’t ride. It is supposed to tee up the ‘scary’ for the rider.
      Maybe next Peter Pan should be grounded so kids don’t think they can fly.

  5. Thomas

    For cripes sake, I believe people are literally looking for things to “cancel” because they like feeling empowered. If it triggers you, don’t go in. The world does not exist to validate your every feeling

    1. EricJ

      Like #MeToo after Harvey Weinstein, and the statue-toppers after the Confederate ones, once a PC “Cancel-cause” starts smelling the limelight and thinks it has a chance to trend, there’s a Publish-or-Perish need to come up with bigger, splashier and more deliberately unreasonable windmills to tilt at as an “encore”–
      To keep their name hot in the discussions, and avoid looking like a “One-hit wonder” that would fade out into obscurity faster than you can say “Occupy Wall Street”.

      That’s the point where most once-noble causes just start becoming danged attention-hungry public trolls.

      1. Andrew Stansall

        No, for heavens sake leave things alone. The world wouldn’t exist if everyone was offended by something! Crikey whatever next, Eeyore having depression ?? ( ..and no I’m not making fun of depression before anyone is offended! I suffer from it myself!) Disney is one place I can go to escape, it’s magical, please leave it alone. The haunted mansion is fabulous, the hanging scene is a quick fix shock effect and it does just that. It’s only seen in a lightning flash. I also know someone who hanged themselves, but this does not offend me it’s not Disney’s fault!
        I understand this is all open for debate but really??

    2. Traci

      How about we just closed Disneyland all together? If this ever happens I am done with Disney forever. How about the crybabies just stay home?

  6. Rich A.

    Yes, it should be changed and all the people with white privilege should have no say in anything, as soon as you can figure out who they are

    1. Amanda Pike

      You know it’s a WHTE MAN who hangs himself in the plot, right?!

  7. EricJ

    Even if you could see that the guy is white, in what alternate universe would you think this even REMOTELY has to do with lynchings?
    Folks, this is why we were against Tiana Mountain in the first place: If you give a Mouse a cookie…

    1. M.j.

      Agreed. They will never stop. Perpetual victims will always complain and nothing will ever be good enough for them. Best not to entertain them at all.

  8. Ken

    As culture changes, Disney does as well. It is a simple change to remove it. It is a chance to add a new gag to it.

    1. Michelle

      No. This is a ridiculous statement. As a former victim of depression and suicide survivor, I am offended that anyone would even want to remove this scene.

      1. Ken

        Ok, as someone who also has depression and attempted suicide (not sure why you think that mattered), I completely see the reasonable argument to change

        1. Dale

          Ken, is there anything you don’t want to change? I’d be miserable if I was offended by as much as you are.

          1. Amanda Pike

            The scene is one of the few trully dark and creepy moments in what is meant to be a haunted house, it helps to both frighten and prepare you for the ride, while also giving a last opportunity for those uncomfortable with the subject of death and dark jokes to leave. It’s like a litmus test on if you can handle it.

            The character who hung himself is a white, male, ghost who killed himself- not a lynching. And it’s one of the few truly disturbing moments and it SHOULD be disturbing. It’s. a. haunted. house.

  9. Thomas

    Absolutely not! That particular moment happens for literally half a second, and is a real blink and you miss it moment. Suicide is not nice, and those who have been affected, my heart will always go out to them, but what about seeing it as someone who had been hanged for committing a crime. Madame Leota is a disembodied head in a glass ball, might as well get rid of her since someone may be offended that is distantly related to Marie Antoinette or one of Henry VIII’s wives. It is Disney’s version of a ghost train where it isn’t scary, but shows that even in death you can enjoy yourself as one of the 999 spirits living in the mansion. I could list a thousand things that offend me about Disney attractions that take the mick or stereotype gay people, but I don’t because I take it with a pinch of salt.

  10. Lydia

    Isnt it bad enough that the lights are sometimes on brighter???? Some people do not even know that master gracey is hanging there only true faces even look up the other loons are screaming and knocking you over to get on the ride like your all not going to the same spot!

    1. Leave it alone.. I bet this was brought up by a millennial who is offended by their own shadow. Leave the classics alone, please. If you are offended by a ride you probably have bigger issues you should be dealing with. I get the depression and suicide part of things but they are not promoting that in that scene. I feel like before long everything will be erased from the parks. Anything classic will be tossed in the garbage. Just ridiculous

  11. M.R.Dunaj

    No…leave it and get a life…what a bunch of whinng babies…such is life… pretty soon there will be no reason to go to Disney…..management take note…the sissies can go somewhere else…like a cry room

    1. Absolutely! Love it or leave it.

  12. Jack Wolfe

    Leave the scene as is. It’s a taunt, daring the guests to venture further in. When you base the narrative of an experience like the Haunted Mansion on the fanciful notion of ghosts and ghouls, any notion of “propiety” gets chucked out the (attic) window. Lean into the absurdity. Indulge in the macabre. Lighten up and live a little as the dead entertain you.

  13. Grace

    Even is it did offend someone or make them uncomfortable, people’s attention spans have become so short that I’m sure they’ve stopped thinking about it as soon as the door opens. “Oh look, here we go!”

    1. jayden

      Yeah, no, that’s not how that works. The first time I saw this scene before the ride, i felt like vomiting and was jumpy the rest of the day. Don’t act cocky about things you don’t understand.

      1. The “first time” you saw it? You went back after almost vomiting? You just lost your argument. It didn’t really bother you did it….

  14. Darth Updates

    Disney needs to double down and add MORE hanging corpses!

    They could add one hanging character from each attraction they’ve shuttered. We could have a hanging Mr. Toad, a Captain Nemo, Brer Rabbit, Stitch, a lunar astronaut, a Mars astronaut, Mike Fink, his keel boat, a puppet Simba, a blue and white castle, the whole cast of the Mickey Mouse Revue, etc…

    Think how much fun it would be then, like, oh, oh, I remember that!

    And the ghost voice could be all, “That’s right… it was suicide getting rid of those attractions!!! MWUHAHAHAAHA!!”

    1. TacoCat

      I like your humor! I think I that would be so funny. Good job! Seem there are a lot of people who need to lighten up and just have more fun.

  15. Hatbox

    It’s a haunted house! It’s supposed to have some moments that are disturbing or scary even if the overall experience is meant to be fun. I hope Disney doesn’t cave to pressure on an over-reaction like this. Splash Mountain never should have been themed to Song of the South in the first place – changing that is righting an old wrong. Changing this would just be removing a part of what makes the Haunted Mansion “haunted”.

  16. Lauren W.

    Sure. Let someone else make decisions for you. Let the world be “sanitized for your protection.” Then you can live in the land of rainbows and unicorns, where nothing bad ever happens. OR…we can get back to reality and give people the choice to go or not go on a theme park ride, all “triggers” considered.

  17. Lisa C.

    Absolutely not. The jump scare is there for a very important reason and it is supposed to be disturbing. If people can’t handle sudden scares and gallows humor they are going to have problems with the rest of the ride and Disney wants them to bail out before they get on the doom buggies. Get rid of it and you have panicking kids disrupting everybody’s experience when they throw a fit mid-ride.

  18. Brenda

    are you this desperate for clicks? maybe you should remove stupidity from your site and not worry about what Disney does with rides.

  19. Nick

    How long have you been writing articles for this page? You call yourself a Dis-nerd and all of a sudden this bothers you because it’s the cool thing everyone is doing?

    Grow up and realize this is the story. Master Ed Gracey was caucasian and was tormented by the mansion. Thus his ending. Has nothing to do with the topic of today. Yes, it’s a morbid topic, but it is a haunted house.

  20. Tracy

    NO!! Leave Disney alone!!! It’s a show, everyone knows it’s not real, it’s been like that for years!!! Everyone is all of a sudden sensitive?! NO! STOP!! People need to get over themselves!!!

  21. Gee

    All the gay merchandise is offensive to some but it won’t be removed. Leave it alone. Disney is never going to please 100 percent and needs to stop trying to.

  22. Leota

    Dang, I thought I was a disney freak but reading these people comments makes me glad I am not a pathetic one.

    Everyone saying “it’s a split second” so then why the donald duck do you actually care so much if Disney removes it? Or do you need to make sure to “stick it to PC culture” (while wearing mouse ears because you’re so E D G Y)

    Grow the heck up! Maybe get a damn life outside of Disney so you can stop being so “offended” by a company that owes you nothing thinking of making minor changes to a ride. Bunch of babies.

    1. jayden

      HAH. been looking for a comment on here i can agree with. You, my kind sir or madam, are the winner~!

  23. Jose H Alcala

    It doesn’t need to be changed. No need. No.

  24. SMoore

    It’s not for the plain white community to decide. Why not have a panel with people of color and see what they decide? If they don’t mind it, then leave it but if they see it as traumatizing then remove it. Simple.

    1. Daniel

      Oh shut up, I’m a POC which was treated worse than ANY other minority in this country that being Native American and there is nothing wrong with this, so if you’re white stop trying to be a white race hero, and if you aren’t white then stop finding a race problem in everything.

    2. Just as long as you get your history straight. Hanging was an official means of execution. The people convicted of the assassination of President Lincoln were hanged. That is different from a lynching. In Southern California, where Disneyland is, the lynchings (not sanctioned executions) predominately were of Latinos, Native Americans and Asians. According to the Tuskegee Institute statistics that begin in 1882 and end in 1968 only record the lynching of two Black people in California. Anaheim is 54% Latino and only 2.7% Black. Asian Americans are 16.8%.White alone are 24.8 % (2019).

  25. JD

    Short answer: no

    Long answer: HELL NO!!!

    1. Jennifer Heidel

      As the Beetles sang, “Let It Be.”

      It’s nothing more than a jump scare and a mild one at that. Most other ‘Haunted’ attractions are far worse.

      Lots of blood, multiple dead bodies, (yes, sometimes the are hanging, wrapped in plastic but but hanging nont the less.) Possible Satanic worship
      is also an option as are Inquisition like dungeons, torture, and of course live actors, in many cases, doing their best to scare one witless. This ALWAYS includes having someone running around with a chain saw after people.
      If folks are going to be offended by a not even half a minute jump scare at a Disney park these other attractions best watch out as they’ll be next. As would Universal’s Halloween Horror nights and any other amusement part that has a similar event.

  26. Roxanne

    Nooo! Leave it alone!

  27. Steph Santiago

    NOOOO!!! STOP IT!!!

  28. Shaunt

    No no no no no no… If the depiction of death is not acceptable then the graveyard scene should go too. How about the coffin scene? It’s supposed to be spooky and scary. Leave it alone!

  29. Bob

    Yes. Just remove the hanging person and leave the rest of the scene the same. Nobody will care and parents won’t have to explain to young children what they just saw. The bride that decapitates her husbands is also disturbing.

    1. Nicole L Thompson

      Just how weak is a person who is significantly or permanently impacted by a half second scene in a Disney ride? My guess is no one who should be out wandering the big scary world. My son was 1 1/2 when he first went on it. We have been on it soooo many times and yet somehow it has not impacted our thinking or lives…it’s a freaking haunted house, good grief. What type of deaths are acceptable for you? Murder is ok I take it, or will that be next up for revision? Are men afraid of the huaband-killing? I told my son it was fake when he was old enough to get what that means. He gets that, we explain how they make these things work. And if he had ever been scared on it we would choose another ride for him. I would not ask Disney to change the ride for me!! If people need a “safe space” they shouldn’t expect to find it at a theme park!

  30. Suzanne

    As a survivor of suicide loss I can absolutely see why someone could feel this way! The haunted mansion is my all time favorite ride and after losing my cousin to suicide it became very hard for me to enjoy the ride. I absolutely agree that this could be removed without changing anything else. I mean after all Disneyland changes it to Jack for Halloween time!

    1. Oz

      The corpse is still there during Halloween Time

  31. paul

    People jump off bridges too. Are we going to get rid of all bridges? Hmm a little hard to drive now right.

    1. Jay

      Leave the haunted mansion alone.

  32. Scott

    Well, let’s see, we should remove the water from the Rivers of America because slaves were transported on the Mississippi River 200 years ago, we should remove Churros because that’s cultural appropriation, we should remove Autopia because the cars are powered by internal combustion engines that emit greenhouse gasses, and while we’re at it, let’s remove Frontierland entirely because American women weren’t allowed to vote during that period of history.

    Will this nonsense ever stop? I think some people won’t be happy until all history and storytelling have been removed from Disneyland and it becomes just a giant coaster park without giant coasters.

    Seriously folks, every person has had traumas in their lives. Some of us just choose to work through them and move on rather than declaring ourselves victims, dwelling on the traumas, and then trying to sanitize the world of any references to those traumas.

  33. Ys

    No leave it alone. That is my favorite ride at MK and if you don’t want to look up than don’t. I had issues with depression and suicide and I never even thought about it making light of that. You want to improve the special effects fine but this is intended to make it spooky and as for lynchings….. I’m no historian but I took African American history and this isn’t typical of how hangings or lynching was conducted. So that’s a stretch. I wish people would stop over analyzing what is a fun and spooky ride. It’s meant to tease you and give a fear of anticipation.

  34. Lisa Yetman

    REALLY?? I vote NO on this one! First Disney is changing Splash Mountain, then we hear that “someone” doesn’t think the Native Americans in Peter Pan’s Flight should be portrayed as they are, and now Haunted Mansion?? Come on, folks – these and other attractions were not meant to harm any particular group – they were all associated with Disney animated films …in other words, fantastical settings! What will Disney be forced to change next? Where will it all stop?? I know Walt never wanted things to remain static, but in today’s PC world things are changing too rapidly to keep up with. What group will claim unfair treatment in an attraction next that Disney will be forced to knuckle under and have to change? Or will it be a film, or Cruise Ship, etc. that someone isn’t happy with? Growing up with Disney and having learned firsthand from my parents, I certainly feel for those people being treated unfairly, should have a voice – and I agree that we need to get along better. But this is going a bit too far.

  35. al

    leave it be!!

    1. Amy Hahn

      Personally I would love to see it gone. My son died by suicide and seeing a hanging body reminds me of finding him hanging from a tree in our backyard. I like Haunted Mansion but haven’t ridden it recently because of that. I’m not the PC police, offended by everything. I think Splash Mountain should stay the way it is. But suicide is a sensitive topic. For those who don’t want to change it, will the ride really be that different without that? Are you really screaming so loudly and indignantly about changing something so little?

      1. Jr

        You know the scene is coming and you still look up?

  36. HM FAN

    No leave it, hey snowflakes, put yr big boy pants on and get over it. If you dont like it, dont ride it, you probably cant afford to go to disney anyway, stop the madness

  37. Rroe

    Geez……what’s next to be canceled, Halloween?????

  38. connie williams

    Absolutely NO! Suicide is part of reality. Haunting is a part of this ride. Do not like the scene don’t ride it. “Parents won’t have to explain it to their children” was one remark. OMGosh, maybe that is what is wrong with this generation right now enough parents from my generation didn’t explain history and reality to their kids now they think everything needs to change to fit their whimpy soft skin. Leave the rides alone. Leave the statues alone. LEAVE HISTORY alone. Just learn from it all and don’t make the same mistakes someone else before “you” did and life can be happy and rosey for “you”. Yes, I’m white I have LOTS of black friends and some family NONE of us want to see Song of the South removed from Splash Mountain either but our voices were not heard just the louder cry babies. That movie is a great one and a favorite one of mine. Uncle Remus is a fantastic character in a true to life situation that happened 100 years ago why dishonor what he brought the kids? Just because it takes place in an era of sadness does his part of happiness need to be disgraced and removed? Ridiculous! All this stuff about changing History do it the right way; don’t let it repeat itself like the hair styles and clothing. Wait long enough bellbottoms will be coming back in style. Teach History. Talk about how wrong it is to keep anyone in “slavery” just like it is wrong to keep your spouse in “your” control be a husband or wife. Teach the kids right from wrong not “do as I say; not as I do”. Don’t want your kids being bullied? Teach them not to be one either. Don’t want your kids to be made fun of? Teach them not to make fun of others. What comes around goes around. Learn to be happy how about teaching that? Life happened. You don’t like a statue that is already in place then come up with a reason to put one “you” aren’t offended by right next to it but you don’t; you can’t remove History and what happened (to people that aren’t even alive any longer) so learn from it and move forward! Life is too short to spend time here miserably. Enjoy it!

    1. Jon

      Well said.

    2. MrsWeasleysTwin

      Good points Connie!

  39. Kevin Wayman

    Absolutely not! It’s a haunted house!!!!!! The hanging person doesn’t promote suicide. Stop trying to change things around and let them be!

  40. Stacy Martin

    It is about suicide. Leave it alone. If you don’t like it then don’t ride.

  41. Xanadu

    NO!!!!!!! You hardly see for more that a minute. I for one am tired of people taking to change rides and take my freedom away! I should have more say in my life than others. If you go on the ride you made a choice for you! When I ride a ride I made a choice for me. A family member has a fear of heights so we take all the ride in the air out,like space mountain?

  42. Brandon

    If you are offended by this scene then DON’T RIDE THE RIDE!!
    Stop picking apart EVERY attraction at Disney because YOU are offended or TRIGGERED.

    It’s the Haunted Freakin’ Mansion! NOT the tea cup ride!

    Good lord. Grow a pair!

    Meh. I’m triggered
    Meh. I’m offended.
    Meh. That’s offensive.

    I swear some people spend their entire lives asking,
    “How can I be offended today?”

    Seriously. Get out of your parents basement and stop ruining the darn world!

  43. Bridget

    It will NEVER stop! The story is of the man hanging himself. Racial? How is that racial? He is a white man, haunted houses are supposed to be scary. What’s next? The Princess and the Pea because there are disabled people that might be offended because they can’t climb that high? I’m disabled but rewriting everything we know is wrong! We make mistakes and should learn from our mistakes but by changing everything this world will not eliminate history.

  44. TacoCat

    For Pete’s sake people! Lighten up. What is wrong with people? This is an amusement park. Go have fun. Leave your problems at the gate! Don’t look for things to be offended at. Just go and enjoy yourselves. And, let everyone else enjoy themselves also.

  45. WOW

    I don’t see a hanging corpse as the main problem here. It’s the narrative drawing the listeners to conclude suicide is an acceptable way-out from your problems. Too many have lost their loved ones by suicide and it’s unnecessary for Disney to make light of suicide just to create that “wow” moment in the opening dialog. The narrative should change and in a few years no one will know the difference. The ride will always remain a classic.

    1. jayden

      Exactly what nobody seems to understand. Depicting death isn’t the problem. But saying that hanging yourself is a “way out” is, and make terrible memories resurface for many people.

  46. Kirk

    Next it’ll be taking out the two guys In the picture frames shooting guns at each other

  47. If you don’t like it don’t ride it. It’s not about lynching. Not everything evolves around racism. And if if it’s just too scary for you then dont ride it. Quit trying to change Disney.

  48. Aaron

    I think it should stay and Disney should start being the “leader” of a company they claim to be and STOP giving in to EVERY little complaint from offended individuals. It’s one thing to update but to change due to things being labeled as “offensive” to a small population of society is ridiculous. What’s next, tearing down Walt’s statues at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom b/c someone found out his 5th generation ancestors owned slaves or supported segregation or something?
    STOP changing history and altering Walt’s creations and vision. You’ve already decided to change Splash Mountain so leave the Haunted Mansion alone.

  49. CJ

    There’s a reason for “the hanged corpse” so leave it alone, please (Phantom Manor does a better job of showing who’s responsible).

    You can take Constance out of the Attic, though (bring back Version 2 – transparent with red beating heart – and get rid of this Kardashian inspired opportunist!)

  50. Richard Andrus

    They are buckling to much pressure from a few individuals this is a democracy why listen to a few and not the more of the other disney patrons

  51. Donna

    I’ve been going to Disneyland most of my life. I’m a senior and I went there as a teenager because it was considered a safe place to hang out and have fun. Now, people are expecting anything and everything that bothers them to be removed or changed. Basically, all the fun and excitement is being drained from the Happiest Place on Earth. That means the happiness will be drained soon, too. I have not had an easy life but I don’t go through life expecting everyone else on the planet to accommodate my needs or hang ups. They are my challenges and I learn each day how to deal with them and let others live their lives without expecting them to jump through hoops just for me. No one is teaching youth that there will be things they will struggle with and need to overcome. We are trying to make a soft cushy world for them to live in and not teaching them how to be strong in the face of adversity. If you don’t like a ride, don’t ride it. I used to love riding roller coasters but as I’ve aged, I can no longer ride them. Still, I get a great deal of pleasure watching kids riding, screaming, and laughing while they ride it. It’s not just about me and it’s not just about you.

  52. LouiB

    I posted this on Facebook years ago when they were making changes to Pirates about being worried about it being politically correct as it seemed someone committing suicide was much worse then what was happening in Pirates. Basically got no response from much of anyone, so decided no one cared and it was a dead issue (sorry for the pun). But seeing all the replies you got here guess people do have an opinion.

  53. Mark

    Why have classic attractions to ruin them???
    Keep things the way they are stop listen to 10 people whose family is scared and everyone whose felt like mansion is home for yrs!!!!! If anything is disturbing is psycho ax lady and all the original stories (not the new rewritten dumb stuff) those would make anyone ask what those wdi were on…. anyway point is whats with getting rid of things that make no sense its like AEC that scared 10people kid but still has a petition online to bring it back bc stitch really was that awesome… yea okay!

  54. Ruth Reames


  55. Tina

    I swear another one of these pc changes and I am done renewing my pass. I’m over it. I put so much money into Disney. I can understand updating things because they are outdated or no longer popular. But why cave to the pc police over and over again? Before anyone says anything, I am a person of color. I took no issue with Splash Mountain. I loved the ride. Also, seems foolish to theme it on a property that flopped. It’s a safe bet because it’s a water ride and will rely on that for traction. But it’s dumb.

    1. jayden

      oh noooooo whatever shall they do without your moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

  56. Stan P

    Unfortunately, you can see Disney trying hard to pander to whatever the current PC crowd is squawking about at the moment. Walt’s dream is dead with the current management and all we have left are the spineless people running the show into the ground.

  57. Jose Jr

    No ,some things need to be left alone and it is a haunted house, if you don’t like it then don’t go on the ride ,it’s your choice

  58. SG

    I think Disney should have a warning on the map and placard along with the scary scenes warning, about “sensitive scenes”. It warns children but not adults. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to post mental health hotline phone numbers in the area. And at Pirates too. We need to be sensitive to each other, I know at least two people who have depression and have attempted suicide. Maybe you do too. This ride is designed to be fun but if it brings you down your loved ones need to know and support you. If you feel no one cares, the hotline is a great idea. Being in Disney World is my antidepressant, but maybe sometimes not for others.

    1. jayden

      Hm. Wonderful compromise! I also think there should be somewhere that adults and older kids could read what exactly the “sensitive scenes” are- maybe on the app or a footnote on the map? Thank you for sharing your thoughts- i think it’s a great idea that doesn’t include taking out part of the ride or re-recording the script.

  59. Harry Davis

    No! This cancel culture is soooooooooo stupid.

  60. Eric

    So how many years do we give it until Disney is completely destroyed by gutless executives caving to every cry bully that whines online?

    I give it 10 years.

  61. Kevin

    Cancel culture…if it offends it must be changed. How do we cancel the cancel culture?

  62. Elizabeth

    Leave it alone!
    He was not black, and he was NOT linched!

    He was a man that hung himself over the death of his true love!

    What in the world is the world coming too!!

    Stop trying to change things because someone finds it offensive!

    You can not make everyone happy!
    I could go on and on and on about the bat crazy stuff that is going on!
    Just leave it alone!!!!

    1. jayden

      it’s not about race, even though the article briefly mentions lynching.
      you said it yourself.
      “He was a man that hung himself over the death of his true love”
      ie: suicide, ie: a very upsetting topic for so many people, ESPECIALLY when it’s depicted visually.

  63. doctechnical

    The answer to this question is painfully self evident. When enough people are avoiding the attraction because of it’s content that there’s a significant dip in attendance, and people STOP waiting in long, long lines to get in, that’s when it’s time to consider a change.

    TL;DR: Attendance talks, cancel culture walks.

  64. fred

    no no leave it as is people don’t want to see it they don’t have to go

  65. Ned

    WHY ?


    Great 5FDP ref there

  67. Grow up people!!
    American freedom is just that. Lets take down the greedy American Corporations that have caused our wages to stay stagnant since 1979. Cancel Culture is a way for the 1% to steer us away from the real issues.

  68. Carolyn

    No, leave the haunted mansion the way it is. No need to change it. If somebody doesn’t like the haunted mansion the way it is then don’t go on the ride. Leave it the way it is.

  69. J

    I have never commented on this blog before, but feel compelled to do so now. If this is how ITM has decided to get clicks and cause controversy, I will not support them anymore, and will not read their articles. I have seafood allergies, and have never ONCE told anyone they should not eat fish because I cannot. Even though the smell of seafood in Disney triggers a post traumatic stress reaction for me, it is not my right to stop everyone else’s freedom to eat what they want. Guess what, I DEAL WITHOUT IT BECAUSE I AM NOT A WIMP. See how that works? I take responsibly for myself, and don’t demand everyone change because I can’t have something. Don’t change the hanging scene, and ITM stop being a part of the problem of cancel culture. You’re sense of accomplishment with be short lived, until they come after something you like, to placate 10 people of out of 10,000,000.

  70. sean

    Are you CRAZY? I rode these rides when I was a kid. Every year during IBM day. You CANNOT change the park for this stupidity when it will satisfy no one. Kids of all races love this park. It’s not about racism. And everyone knows it. This is just bull crap and really upsetting. What’s next re write history books and take out the bad parts? Seriously?

  71. Connie Gordiish

    No!!! All this PC has got to stop!
    It is amazing how for example my generation and before survived:
    Song of the South, Gone with the Wind, Santa, Statues, The General Lee, Drinking from hoses, Riding in cars without seatbelts. Etc!!
    We cannot go around changing every little thing that “Offens” someone or our world will be boring!!!
    We have to learn to llive together & understand that no everyone will again but everyone will welcome each other’s differences!!!
    The world will be a better place!
    Ie: you don’t like something- look away

  72. AnnieB

    I believe the concern about trivializing suicide is a very serious concern. It has no other interpretation, and our society has come to recognize the dangers in this. Find another stretch that IS funny/clever.

  73. ELAINE Room

    No, you can barely see what it is, when you look up. For crying out loud stop trying to change everything in case one person is offended!

  74. David A

    If Disney continue to pander to the PC / Racism brigade then within 2 years there will be no parks because people will stop going there. There is nothing racist about Splash Mountain and anyone who says there is has obviously not watched Song of the South which is a lovely movie showing both black and white people living in harmony and respect for each other. There are both black and white people working on the plantation so no racism there. The PC brigade will find something wrong with every Disney attraction or movie if they want to. Disney need to wake up and listen to the true die hard Disney fans who spend thousands on Disney vacations / buying Disney merchandise.

  75. Marvin

    Replace it with a guillotine and the head comes crashing down. Maybe even a little splash of water (blood). Cause no one commits suicide by guillotine. Problem solved.

  76. Kevin H Jones

    “I never thought of suicide until that hanging scene from the Haunted Mansion at Disney.”, said NO ONE EVER. Though a 14 year old who gets stuck riding the Mad Hatter with his fat Aunt Tessie might utter the phrase, “Kill me now.”, under his breath, but he really doesn’t mean it.

  77. Danny

    Believe it or not, the Haunted Mansion has an entire storyline. The “Ghost Host”, aka Master Gracey, refers to the hanging as “his way out” because Master Gracey committed suicide. It plays into the storyline. Instead of removing it, shouldn’t we just focus more on warnings in the maps/in the line to the ride for possible triggering material? (Btw, this is coming from someone who has dealt with depression for the past 6 years and has attempted suicide. Keep in mind that things affect others differently.)

  78. Adrienne Holek

    Much ado about nothing. First, the people around me are usually too stupid to look up. Two, I’ve seen it dozens of times and you can’t really tell what it is. Third, I doubt any/many kids “get” what they’re looking at. Finally, if everything is changed to be G-rated enough to please today’s oversensitive society, there will be no reason to go. Anywhere.
    (And leave Captain Jack in POTC!)

    If you want to remove something offensive from a Disney attraction, take 45 out of the Hall of Presidents and the historical attraction in Liberty Square.

  79. Billbodoggins

    No. Absolutely not. This does not need to be changed. It is a haunted house. It sets the stage for the chills and thrills. It certainly does not glamorize or trivialize suicide. It seems much more like a murder brought about by the ghost host. He says “There’s always MY way!” That means the hanging is the result of his handy work. Please let it be. It has been a masterpiece for decades.

  80. Miranda

    As someone who suffers from Depression, the Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror are my favorite rides (gee thanks Disneyland for getting rid of TOT -_-) and the hanging scene doesn’t bother me. It just makes me relish in the fact that I’m down here and not up there, so…yeah it’s just the minority that is winning all these cases for the rides being changed and that really sucks. I hope those trolls feel real proud of themselves!

  81. Leon

    You bend the knee once and you are forced to bend the knee every time someone feels the least bit uncomfortable. It’s an amusement park people leave it the hell alone.

  82. Maryann Sottile

    Everyone has to stop being so sensitive about every little thing. I have been going to Disney for years since my grandchildren were little. We still go and they are adults. We love the magic and the fantasy. Why are people trying to ruin it. There are enough problems in life. Just go to Disney and escape reality. Stop analyzing everything. Life is too short. Enjoy your vacation.

  83. M.j.

    Agreed. They will never stop. Perpetual victims will always complain and nothing will ever be good enough for them. Best not to entertain them at all.

  84. Phil Kimick

    Yes and while we’re at it, lets close Pirates of the Caribbean because it trivializes gun violence, Tower of Terror because it offends those who have been involved in elevator accidents, Test Track because it triggers motor vehicle crash survivors, Winnie the Pooh because of its depictions of honey addiction, Small World due to its implication of child exploitation and of course Dumbo because it glorifies the capture and mistreatment of wild animals. Shall I go on? Where does this stop? A world where we sterilize everything in an attempt to “not offend” anyone anytime for any possible reason is no world we would want to live in. Actually, some of you would, but not me.

  85. Kathy

    No, not at all. If people are offended, then don’t ride it. It’s all in fun, the magical place. Just put a message at entrance, and if they chose to go, that’s their decision. People have to have some of their own responsibility

  86. Robert Kruck

    NOTHING in Disneyland parks – including the Song of the South ride – should be changed merely because the SJW-Communists who call themselves “liberals” are offended by it. “Liberals” aren’t Americans, their opinions on any issue are Marxist nonsense.

    1. Ellie May

      Anti-liberals aren’t real people, they aren’t real Americans. They shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on anything because they’re just butthurt haters who want to cry and whine when they don’t get their way.

      See how gd stupid that sounds? That’s you. You hate America more than you are able to admit.

  87. Dina

    Noooo! Enough is enough. If your that offended don’t go. These rides are classic and should be left alone

  88. Ellie May

    “It has a noose which ties into lynching”- but it’s not actually related to lynching, is it? Why is interpreting context so hard for people. If you see it as related to lynching, its because YOU put that relation there. It’s like people just have a “blocked words/items list” in their head they refer to instead of making actively thoughtful considerations of issues or situations. It’s shallow and petty and non productive.

  89. Robert D.

    Just leave it alone. It’s been there for years. Why change it because some knucklehead is offended by and everyone else isn’t? It’s part of the story; the suspense. It never bothered me. Just leave it.

  90. Terrelyn

    Do not change it. If you don’t like it don’t ride. f you don’t like what Disney has in place for the rides don’t go. More fun for the rest of us who aren’t so sensitive about every little thing.

  91. Kathleen Johnson

    Leave my Haunted Mansion ALONE!!!!
    It’s perfect the way it is!
    Don’t cave people that just want to control everything!
    I’m sick of them!
    Leave the body up!

  92. realhawker

    A bit late to the game, but this is crazy. So for Splash Mountain, they are literally removing “a central figure in an oral tradition passed down by African-Americans of the Southern United States…” (Brer Rabbit, Wikipedia) – and replacing it with a story by 19th century Europeans (Frog Prince – Grimm)? How is that the way to go? I understand wanting to celebrate a black character though. To my knowledge – it’s a Brer Rabbit theme, not a “songs of the south” theme in Splash Mountain…

  93. Daniel

    You got to be kidding me? Lynching? Someone actually has no brains to write something so stupid like that? Maybe we should take everything out then now shouldn’t we? Peter pans flight gotta go then because the make fun of native Americans……oh but I forgot only if one race is offended then something would get changed……how silly of me to forget the superior minority.

  94. Molly

    Everyone is saying we’re soft and pathetic. I’ll share my experience:
    I have harm OCD. This means I am terrified of suicide and have graphic images in my mind of me hanging myself often. I have no intention or will to, but it was sparked by a movie clip I once saw. I’m trembling writing this, because its a terrible thing to have. I obsess over things like this constantly; I only found this website because I googled “hangings in Disney World” because its all I think about sometimes. If I had walked into the Haunted Mansion not knowing that, it seriously could have triggered an intense reaction; the last time I saw someone in a movie do it, I would not eat or sleep. I just think a warning that something so real and raw is there would be helpful.

  95. Christine

    Come on man! Enough with this cancel culture BS leave it be. If you don’t like it dont go..

  96. WTF

    I personally hate that scene but for a very personal reason…It took me years to go back into the haunted mansion after my husband committed suicide by hanging… With that said do I think it should be removed? No! Even with it bringing up horrible memories in my personal life, I’ve managed to go back into the haunted mansion and just not look up… The scene bothers me but prior to my has been hanging himself it never bothered me… I think the retheming of splash Mountain is ridiculous and if we keep retheming rides to make it PC thrn we’re not going to have anything left of Walts dream left… So from a person who has had personal experience in finding her husband hanging, I still say keep it… Also if you remove the body from the chamber it messes up with the storyline… It’s a haunted mansion… They’re supposed to be scary… If it bothers you to look at it, do what I do, and just don’t look at it.

    I fear that with the retheming of splash Mountain it’s going to bring up a lot of other attractions that “offend“ people… I’m just waiting for the day that somebody says Alice in Wonderland is offensive because of the drugs… No one said anything before 2020 so why is everything offensive all of a sudden? Keep Walts dream alive like we’ve embraced since 1955.

    Oh and here’s what I think about retheming splash Mountain… The characters in splash Mountain came from America sings an attraction in tomorrowland that was closed down… All the characters went into splash Mountain… Splash Mountain is taken from the 1920s film song of the south… It has since been removed from Disney+ But if I remember correctly the movie is about a man interacting with cartoon characters… I don’t see what the problem is… This is a classic film and to be honest if George Floyd didn’t die or wasn’t even in the media I do believe splash Mountain would be staying at splash now… I love that Tiana is getting her own ride but she belongs in New Orleans and retheming splash Mountain out of personal opinion. I have black friends who do not agree that SM should be rethemed. And we never got our “final ride” before taken down. I’ve never heard anybody complain that that ride was racist… and all these opinions that are affecting our beloved theme park are destroying the “happiest place on earth“… There’s nothing racist about splash Mountain or song of the south… Many of you will not agree with me and I am not up for debate this is just my personal opinion.

  97. Disneyfffan

    My fear is that Trump will get his own animatronic statue in the hall of presidents. Now that’s scary AND offensive. 😉

  98. Amanda Pike

    It’s not a race thing, the character killed himself. It’s a HAUNTED house, What are you going to do? Imply ghosts aren’t even dead folk?

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