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Haunted Mansion with a no sign


  1. John

    Just leave it alone. If it bothers anyone, just don’t look up. I’m tired of people saying their offended and wanting change.

  2. IrishQueen

    It’s truly sad we have to change things due to the way people are raising the upcoming generations of cry babies if you don’t like the ride don’t ride it! To many changes are happening due to over sensitive cry babies!!

  3. Ray

    I understand triggers, but I think if you’re triggered by references to death, or you find any depiction of death to be offensive, you should probably stay away from all haunted attractions in general. Because they are made to trivialize death in all its forms – natural and unnatural – murder, suicide, accidental.

    Haunted Mansion doesn’t hide what it is – it’s right there in the name. It’s clearly an attraction which uses the concept of death as entertainment. It starts with the stretching portraits and continues in every scene of the ride. There’s a bride who is implied to have decapitated five husbands and put their heads into a stack of hat boxes…the entire premise of the ride is 999 ghosts celebrating how much fun it is to be dead.

    If that bothers you, ride something else. Don’t ride the death ride and then say “I think this ride should have less death.”

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