Comments for How ‘Hamilton’ is Censored on Disney+

hamilton censored


  1. Kelvington

    The rules on the F word are not set in stone. Tootsie a film that came out in 1982 had two F words in it and was rated PG. PG-13 didn’t exist yet. There was an attempt to give it an R-Rating, but that was overturned. Million Dollar Baby used it four times, and still got a PG-13. It’s not as hard and fast as you might think.

  2. Faithful Friend

    I’m surprised (and disturbed) that the F-word is permissible in movies marketed to children barely turning 13 years old. Even the middle finger can be shown in PG-13 movies (like in Marvel’s Black Panther). The MPAA and FCC have definitely failed families and children.

  3. prince charming

    Alexander Hamilton should be banned as a symbol of white privilege and systemic racism. He died due to a gunshot to the back which which is meant to reduce the effect of back men being shot by police officers. I am confident that Disney will cave into pressure as they always do.

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