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    Does this mean “Limited character meals”, and I can now go to the Castle and Akershus WITHOUT Princess Dining again?
    (We only got the flood of character dining in the 00’s because of a gimme-mom mixup back in the days when we didn’t have the Royal Princess Hall yet–Could be time to reduce the options, starting with Snow White at Wilderness Lodge.)

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    If Disney is opening they should open with everything or not open at all. We have already canceled our trip in August and considering canceling or Christmas trip in December. Our family and grandkids love the character meals and look forward to it and to say modify or not have them will be a deal breaker for us we come 3 times a year And we will start finding other vacation options. No character meals would be Unacceptable. The parade, characters, and fireworks are a major Disney experience!

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    No characters should equally mean lower the prices to. Character meals are more expensive because characters. Drop dining to half price at least

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