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Brannen Perry and Cinderella Castle


  1. Kenny Vee

    Florida is a joke in general (“Florida Man” comes to mind), but in this case the state has completely failed the very people who ensure its coffers are filled with tax dollars — the people who make Florida’s tourism industry work. Without people like Brannen, who have spent 11 years making magic, Florida suffers as a whole. People like Brannen are the REASON people visit Florida.

    And when Florida needs them the most, Florida doesn’t have their back. Not a good look, DeSantis.

    1. Sheri DeOrio


    2. Bobbie Evans

      Um, NO. Disney failed the very people who ensured it’s coffers are filled with money to support their employees. Don’t put this on the great state of FL or our wonderful governor DeSantis. Florida is an awesome place to live. Disney lived above it’s means and paid it’s employees up to a certain point but then stopped. Seriously. It’s not FL’s fault that this guy is losing his car. Gawd. Are you joking?

      1. Jeannell Williams

        This isn’t Disney fault. It IS Florida’s fault. Many ppl haven’t gotten anything because desantis refuses to fix anything. Why do think he was rushing to reopen the state??? It’s common for a business to stop paying workers when they aren’t working. Florida failed its ppl because idiots like you voted for two morons. Cause this started with Scott.

  2. Barbara Richards

    So, is this guy begging for money? There are millions of people out there globally that have lost more than a car. Please. Furloughed means you will probably get your job back. He needs to talk to his family members or friends to help him out. People overextended themselves and when the pandemic hit, they were hit hard. What makes this guy any different than anyone else. Sorry. Not sorry.

  3. Gonzo1776

    So just to remind everyone that Disney closed everything up snd sent most of their employees home when the virus numbers were around 200 per day. Now they’re opening back up when the virus cases have been over 10,000 per day.

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