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  1. Peter

    So, why would anyone go to WDW, if you cannot do practically ANYTHING???

  2. Peter

    Uhhh, seems like you cannot do ANYTHING, so why even bother going???

  3. Nancy

    Well I think it stinks! Why would I spend $3500.00 to do absolutely nothing! There,s no fun, if you can,t have fireworks, parades, character meet and greets or dining with the characters. Totally disappointed!

  4. Gwen Hansen

    I’ve always been a big Disney fan, and am so sorry to read about all the restrictions/cancellations. Doesn’t sound like much fun now ! I’ll bet the cost isn’t also reduced to visit WDW. I’ll just have to rely on my memories…..

  5. Rebecca

    Yes, we just canceled our Disney/Universal vacation.

  6. Hello there! I’m looking for some information on Hollywood studios Jedi Training. Will this experience be available when HS reopens? I didn’t see any mention of it in the post. Thanks!

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