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Disney Character Petition

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  1. Janie

    A lot of times things are like this photo the males are white not females. Stop blaming disney for people of color not showing up to disney auditions!!! I also never seen a black panther actor here not be black so i do not know where your getting that info! Btw i am more offended that same asian looking person is playing pocahontas mulan and moana the later which are not asian! I think what your looking for is racial profiling and let it not just be a black/white thing but let people of the right anything play disney characters… like ie. My best friend whom is a tan spanish decent girl plays belle & snow … belle is french and snow is german neither looks or is spanish! Both are lily white girls! Theres a head scratcher?? As much as why is mulan also pocahontas whom should be native?

    1. MAtt

      I doubt you are there at Disney castings, or able to say that people of color are not turning up to auditions. I don’t think it’s bad to say to Disney if they have a character that is a specific ethnicity, that they fill the role with someone of that same ethnicity.

      1. Mark

        They do at least in dl like janie said i been at many auditions as ent management and i only see people of color at ftlk auditions or any dak auditions i do not see it at character! But characters do not get paid as much as shows!

    2. Shane

      I agree, color blind casting needs to stop in movies; however, Disney meet and greets are completely different. They are very particular about who is cast into these roles because they have to meet certain height requirements and such.

  2. Cindy Caine

    That guy in the picture looks like the guy i work w whom on occasion comes to play owen he also was afriend of starlord when there was a meet and greet at dhs. Sweet guy good actor has chris pratt down!
    But to the pt of the article i agree but i think the issue isnt they do not hire people of color i can tell you uni has similar issues they do not show up unless asked! Ie. Us was a house auditions specifically say whom they are looking for and then they show up. I can tell you in the 8yrs i am never in a reaudition room without much of anyone not white like me! Does not mean the company will hire em!

  3. Ken G

    And was there the same outcry when people of color were cast in Frozen as the lead characters a few years ago at the Hyperion theater at California Adventure.

    I AGREE – Moana should be played by a Pacific Islander gird, Tiana an African American and so on.
    But you can’t have it both ways! Anna from Frozen should be white! Mulan should be Asian!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Its completely different if its on broadway the parks need accuracy!

  4. Darth Fashionable

    Since it’s German and came out in the 1930s, Snow White should be played by a Nazi.

    Alice should talk with a Cockney Accent.

    Ariel must be cast as an Orca.

    And Hermione is black and always has been.

    1. Traci

      Hermione is not Disney.

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Shes also black only on Broadway bc she can be there! At a theme park it needs to be accurate! Broadway its just a show! You want a great performance not particulars! Ie. The last cast of frozen on broadway before close to me was better then obc and no one ? Black elsa female olaf etc. Thats just how it is? I blame the tourists!

  5. EricJ

    Ooo, CHANGE.ORG!
    (Ask an old Star Wars or DVD fan why they’re snickering right now, and maybe Grandpa will let you on his knee and tell you old 90’s stories about “PetitionOnline.com”, yuk yuk…)

    1. Andrea C

      This is ridiculous. Disney has people of color at their parks in costume. Where are these people getting their info. Get over yourselves and enjoy the parks with your family.

      1. Cassie

        The people with this information are people like ME who work there and see these things happens first hand before guests. It’s infuriating

  6. cliff Bartz

    stupid, leave Disney alone

    1. Pete

      Well put…..

  7. JByron

    Has anybody thought that maybe the person of “color”, that their skill wasn’t good enough for the roll? You do not get a “job” by what your race is it’s illegal, you get it by your credentials and your ability to do the job. Also, you have to think about this as well, which actor/actress is going to bring people into the movie theaters, it’s all about making the money.

    1. Mark

      As a former ent manager i can tell you our rules are very strict esp for princesses if your not a certain look or size (yes they weigh you and height check you which is offensive for disney too bc one min your saying anyone could be a princess but wont audition someone that way) you could be told to go home right there! Singers have sides sometimes and are told what to sing. Dancers are given dances they have to follow! My friend wanted to prove she was being throw out for her size and looks and not her talent bc she auditioned for a dance she choreographed and she got told to go home! She left the room by saying your auditions are rigged to what you want you took one look at me and said NO not even caring wow how she know a dance we barely know… i choreographed it! The whole audition group up and left with her!

      1. Catherine

        I think they should be strict about some things and I agree with them to have princesses like they look in the movies. I am not bashing the weight of anyone but I agree they should fit the part.

      2. Jamie

        Catherine the only thing there is they could let the person still audition and prove if they could play the character! Also costuming could make your dress fit your body type!

      3. Jayne

        This! I am size 16 and i fought hard to prove i could play face character w a few tears! They let me start as vidia from tinkerbell bc i wore pants and its not like i was playing tink! I think my tude at that pt sealed it… since then i have played elsa. I am sadly the only elsa thats not a size 00 so i stick out but guests are not paying attn they just see elsa so to mark pt i agree! Also costumes are built for you as a face characters i am not trying to shove myself into someone else character… Also many princess wear these huge gowns where your size would be hidden it makes no sense! My best friend is bbw but she looks and sounds like elena they will not even give her a chance bc of her size! Have you seen elenas gown???? No one would even know shes got junk in the trunk as the saying goes ?

  8. Gee

    If the original role has a certain ethnic character then ok. But that actor has to be able to play the role not just look it. I’ve always seen Tiana played by a black actress and Mulan played by some Asian. But since when is Sven Black! It works both ways. As a short Latino, there are no roles for me but that’s show business. Stop this stupid petition and find something important to battle.

  9. Bee

    I get it and that’s fine, however when I was at Disney World two years ago, Alice in Wonderland was actually an Asian girl with brown eyes and very fake blue contacts. So before people make a big deal about all of this make sure you have all the facts and I’m glad people are speaking up about the fact that not every single character is “out of character” people tend to take one thing and just run with it. I’ve never seen a white or any other race Princess Tiana. So .. there’s that.

  10. SJ

    How do I sign the petition!

  11. Kathryn Schroeder

    Enough of the identity politics. Disney has always made children believe they can be anything. When I go to WDW and see a young black girl dressed as Cinderella or Snow White I don’t thing “Oh that’s just so wrong; you have to be white to wear that princess dress.” What I see is beautiful children that love those princesses and identify with them regardless of race. Don’t ruin it for them by sending the message that they can’t be who they want because the color of their skin….that in itself is racist.

    1. Peter

      VERY well put!

  12. Diane

    Have the person fit the character. When I saw the Frozen show at DCA and Elsa was Caucasian but her sister Anna was black it just did not work for me. Walt Disney wanted all of his characters to be “On Model” and I agree with that. What I see on the screen is what I expect to see at the parks. And please don’t try to hang “racist” on Disney…they do more to be fair than most.

  13. Ariel

    OK, Then STOP replacing WHITE characters with BLACK Actors in Disney Movies.

  14. Apu

    Ridiculous post. FYI I’ll start by stating that I am an ethnic minority and while I do agree with casting ethnicity to match the original intended character, this goes in both directions! White characters should be played by whites. Blacks by blacks. Asians by Asians. Colorblind casting is stupid. If you want diversity, create more diverse stories instead of mixing unrealistic ethnicities that don’t align with the original story just to prove you’re diverse.

  15. Jason Green

    If that’s the case maybe Disney should stop casting black people in white roles! It works both ways! Snow White has skin as white as snow and should not be played by a black actress!

  16. Javier Garcon

    Wouldnt it be amazing in a Social experiment with lots of cameras if they would have people go to Disney and all their characters all be Black people? Then the white parents have to listen to their child complain about the color of the characters and see what the parent’s reactions would be? What if all the parents would complain and call it outrageous? and they would be given the power to change the character’s race from black to white? But then all the parents around the White parents would be all black parents with black children and then all the princess would be white. Then have the Black fathers complain to the white father how their children have to live in a world where all the princesses have to be white. Then they would interview the white parents afterward. They would ask the question why should Black parents have to suffer in a world as you did? They have been suffering for over 100 years and you only suffered for an hour. What could be done to fix racism? Now that would be amazing to see.

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