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Disney Fans Florida Restrictions

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  1. melissa Halversen

    This is ridiculous. NY is no longer the epicenter. We have steadily declined since mid April, and our infection rate is 0.77, whereas Florida is 1.08. NY also tests the highest amount in the world, and still has a lower positive rate than Florida. New hot spots like Arizona, Texas, Alabama and Illinois get to go, but because we had it in March and April, we are getting discriminated against. This is out of date and needs to be reevaluated.

    1. Lydia

      And florida our #s are close to 10k i think its bc tests are more readily available and come back quicker! By no means does that mean i want anyone down here from your state to make it worse!

      1. Gloria

        Lydia people from the tri-state would make it no more worse for you than other states where the virus is in the rise. And to correct you, we now have the same quicker testing and more readily available just like you do, and our numbers have still trended down.
        Honestly I wouldn’t want to go to Florida right now – too many people there who think the heat will protect them and don’t follow safe protocols. Maybe that’s why your numbers are rising through the roof? You might want to look at your fellow Floridians rather than the tri-staters. You guys are doing a good job of making it worse all on your own.

  2. Aaron

    How does Florida enforce the 2-week quarantine?

    1. Kathy

      Checkpoints along the highway.

  3. shayna

    my husband is driving from Florida to new york this weekend to drop off a car. he is flying back to Florida at 7am Monday morning. does that mean that he would have to self quarantine? he will be in new york for less then 24 hours

    1. Cindy Caine

      They check licenses if your fl resident it doesnt matter its the people from ny nj ct that get checked! It is enforced i have seen people get pulled over and people have gotten fine#/arrested at universal! Though those people were loud mouth and thought it be fun to arrogantly tell everyone on a line waiting to get in they got out by taking a plane from another state! And not thinking they get caught!

  4. elisabetta

    We are from Syracuse, New York which is upstate. Our infection rate is less than 1%. Orlando is higher than us. I called Orlando’s town office, since we have a home in Orlando and were told that DeSantis order expired June 5, that’s when Phase 2 opened in Florida. Therefore they can’t make anyone self quarantine.

  5. Paulie

    If it will expire anyway then revoke the EO now as some people are going to the resorts prior to July 7. Cases up here are lower than current numbers being recorded in Florida

  6. I think everyone forgot why governments had lockdown in the first place.
    Main reason was they all knew that PPE was going to be in short supply, hospitals were not set up for a “computer models” of possible surge capacity and the hospital’s inability to handle said “predictions”.
    Second as we all should of know and now see that some fellow Americans just are selfish, do not know the difference between “public” rights and “Private” rights and just plain being a good neighbor and loving your fellow human as yourself and looking out for the best interests of all.
    Masks help, period! That’s why they wear them in the hospital.

  7. Mad in New York (not city)

    Wow! That’s awful. I will not visit your resort ever again. New York State is Not just New York City. Where I live in central New York, we had less issues than your state. Never thought I’d say this but Disney customer service used to be top of the line…not anymore!!!!

    1. Rachel

      Feels a little like Cuomo is governing Disney & Florida now too!

  8. Sharon

    As a Florida resident and a contract driver, I can assure you that people have never stopped coming here to vacation. Mostly from NY, NJ and Ohio. None of the people I’ve picked up at the airport are self quarantining. I can assure you it is a very sad fact, that is probably why our numbers are going up. I’m not saying everyone should stay home I just think it wouldn’t be a good idea right now to vacation where so many old people go to retire. This whole state is like a retirement home / theme park.

  9. Jackie

    Why are people angry AT DISNEY for this? It’s a STATE regulation. You know, like car inspections, drinking age. As a NYer I’m not too happy about it, but probably the one thing I’m not mad at Disney about. So, more room for everyone else when the rest don’t go because Mickey Mouse can’t change the regulation.

  10. elph

    I don’t blame Gov DeSantis for protecting his state esp from those poor souls in NY.

    FWIW…the NY wuhan numbers are and have been far worse than Florida’s and virtually every other state.

  11. Linda

    We have vacationed in FL since 1992 every July. We are from upstate NY. No where near the city. We’ve had 0 deaths and around a total 160 cases in our county. I am not happy that this ridiculous order has not been lifted. Esp since he lifted it for Louisiana. I’m hoping we will still get to go and not be subjected to a quarantine.

  12. Ernesto

    I live 200 miles from NYC. So yeah, I feel like this shouldn’t apply to people who don’t live anywhere near the city. Also, the actual definition of “tri-state area” refers to areas within a reasonable commute to NYC. Obviously, 200 miles is not that. So FL government should learn the definition of tri-state area and specify if they are requiring everyone from those three states or just the tri-state area to quarantine. The terminology is conflicting.


    When will executive order lifted for ny ,nj,ct ? Numbers are way down why are they being singled out?

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