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Disney Fans Reactions Splash Mountain


  1. Lorenzo

    How many people were sick and tired and complaining about Splash Mountain with its 2 hour long lines in February 2020?

    If you accept this and its timing then you probably never question anything in your life.

    Chavez and Castro would like you a lot.

  2. Kyle

    I get people being upset because of the nostalgia but this was a necessary change needed. Song of the South is a dark stain in Disney’s history and this change will help them out in the inclusion/diversity department. Yes it’s watered down on the ride but still can’t help how someone who is black would feel riding that ride knowing it’s history. But once again, anytime Disney changes something, people make such a big deal. Change is a part of life people.

    1. Lorenzo

      Have you ever asked someone who is black how they feel about the ride?

      Or just feel that you inherently know how they feel?

      Very arrogant of you to think if its the latter…

      1. Tina

        Thank You Lorenzo this is perfectly stated.

      2. Jay

        They love it for what it is. A ride with happy songs and fun characters.

  3. Brandon

    I think you are misinterpreting.
    Most people are not as upset about the change as they are about WHY it’s changing. And the particular movie to which they plan to theme it.

    1. Tina

      Another perfectly accurate description of how many of us just feel that change is good however to much at once or to many altogether will chip away at the sweetness of the beginning.

  4. CrosswalkX

    How about updating Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride.

    To the inside the magic, I don’t know if you’re aware of this but Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride makes me very uncomfortable and upset as it portrays child slavery with the 2 donkey boys in cages as I get very upset seeing child abuse and animal cruelty in the Pinocchio ride.

    I want the Pinocchio ride to change as me seeing child slavery makes me very sick and upset as I like animals and I get sensitive to what happens to children. I hope the Disneyland company removes the cages from the 2 donkey boys or changes the ride to a more fun one like Aladdin or Wreck it Ralph.

    Please do an article on Child Slavery on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride, I want that ride examined in an article since it’s not an appropriate ride for families in this current time.

    1. Lorenzo

      Easy fix: Change it to a Temple of Doom ride.

      Child slavery part is already taken care of.

      Thanks for the tip!

  5. I’ve been going to Walt Disney World since 1977 and there have been multitudes of re-imagined attractions over that time, some I liked more, some I liked less. Song of the South, which I actually watched as a young boy, was from 1946. Most adults and nearly all children have no clue about that theming. Disney has been talking about changes to Splash Mountain for several years now. Change is quite often what keeps all of us Disney Fanatics coming back. I’m now 66 years old and don’t see the issue other than maybe nostalgia for some. I feel that way about the Great Movie Ride and the Backstage Tour and Lights’ Camera, Action! Sometimes I wish those attractions were still with us, but as I return 2-3 times per year, the changes grow on me.

  6. Jay

    I think Disney changing splash mountain is ridiculous. Disney is about kids and kids at heart!
    Kids if left with their own imagination don’t see color.
    My kids when they go on that ride don’t see color they want the fun ride.
    And to replace it with a little known and forgettable movie “frog and the princess “ just because it has the first black main character in a Disney movie should be an insult . Thanks Disney for the gesture of a handout , because you had nothing better.

    1. Barbara Ervin

      Thank you. I totally agree.

  7. Jones

    There is only so much I, as a lifelong Disney fan, can take. For years, I have tried to pretend there is still something left of the Disney I once loved. Sadly, this insipid and disgusting decision makes it impossible for me to cling to that illusion any longer. I will thus never spent another dollar on Disney products. I will probably even sell my Disney stock – I just do not want anything to do with this company any more.

  8. Jennifer

    I’m sad because I will miss listening and singing cheerfully to Zipetty Do Da.
    I’m sure the new theme of Princess and the Frog will be fun to experience and heartfelt, but… I’ll miss Zipetty Do Da.

  9. Steve A

    Splash Mountain has no racist elements in it. There is no Uncle Remus, no slavery. Disney is just being too P.C. about this whole thing.

    Just based on exterior alone it doesn’t fit at all. It’s like putting a swamp in the middle of the desert.

    1. Barbara Ervin

      Agree totally.

  10. Ed G.

    I don’t think you can honestly equate this change with the others that have taken place over the years. The latter were changed because of waning interest. That is not true in this case. As for political correctness, Disney has done everything possible to remove any racial references from the ride. How many people are even aware of the “Song of the South” movie? I, myself, don’t see the problem. However, I will leave this to those who may be personally upset by the theme.

  11. Jim

    This ride has nothing racial in it. The latest poll indicate that over 80% of people want it to stay as it is. Disney is a place to escape the world and politics outside and use your imagination to see the magic. The executives have been removing the magic and changes like this should not happen. They are the reason the park are losing money and move Disney closer to the really big change of going out of business.

  12. Barbara Ervin

    When I first saw that Disney was going to ‘remodel’ Splash Mountain because they felt it was offensive to some people this was my first thought, if it offends you don’t ride it and I still feel the same way. You cannot please all the people all the time. You see, your ‘remodeling’ of Splash Mountain offends me! So, while you may have made a few people happy at the same time you offended many more!!! Splash Mountain was my favorite Magic Kingdom ride and I am not only offended that I will never get to ride it again but I am deeply saddened as well! Good-bye Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

  13. NancyJane

    I don’t think it will happen because their are way too many people that are upset and disney will ruffle another feathers and loose business along with charging outrageous prices so I think it will be a loose loose situation.

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