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disneyland reopening petition

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  1. Bill

    Well, this fan petitions to have Disneyland open today. Without all the theater of unneeded mask wearing and social distancing. Just stop the madness.

    1. KenR

      Agreed! The mask nonsense is really over the top silly. This whole response has been ridiculous. Its a theme park, mostly outside. Not a nursing home or ICU.

  2. Corey W

    Do the fans petitioning for the park to open at a later date realize that they don’t have to go when it opens?

    1. Russell

      Do the people that want it to open now realize that the Cast Members will be forced to go to work and put themselves and their families at risk? The petition is about protecting people that have no choice.

      1. Corey W

        No one is forcing anybody to go back to work. There’s over 40 million people who lost their jobs. I’m sure Disney could easily replace the people that are too scared to return to work.

        1. Russell

          That is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen someone say. “No one is forcing anyone to go back to work”… yeah… except for all the people demanding that non-essential businesses open? Like… you?

          1. Corey W

            Ha! Russell you’re funny! And I’m right! NO ONE IS FORCING ANYBODY TO GO BACK TO WORK! They can quit if they want! As mentioned in a post below the “killer” virus has killed .005% of the worlds population. If you’re so afraid that you might be part of that .005% then you can stay home and hide under your bed and continue to be afraid.

      2. Christina Marie Feldman

        This is the only happy thing to happen to my 17 year old since March. We have been planning over a year. Let people be happy. Let people take their own risks.

      3. Christina Marie Feldman

        My friend is a Disney World cast member and was elated to be back at work. Are you a disgruntled cast member? If so then quit. I’m sure many others want to feed themselves and their families.

      4. KenR

        Everybody has to work! Who’s going to pay them while they sit home “staying safe”? It’s a theme park, not a nursing home or ICU. What makes the Disney employee different than the grocer, utility worker, gas station, bank, etc.? If you’re afraid to work or go to a theme park, stay home. Don’t get paid. Don’t have fun. But the rest of the sane world is ready to be over this overblown bunch of BS called Covid 19.

    2. Kathleen Johnson

      Well said.
      I’m sick of those bullies telling the world what to do!

      1. Russell

        What’s more bullying, telling the American people to stay home for a few months so we can try to eradicate this disease that’s killing people, or people forcing non-essential employees to go back to work so they can put their family, and themselves, at risk so you can ride It’s A Small World. Sounds like the bullies are people like you.

        1. Corey W

          It’s ok to be afraid Russell . . . . you just stay home.

        2. KenR

          Stay home for the rest of the year Russell. 1.2% of the country lives in nursing homes. 43% of all covid deaths occured in nursing homes. half of those occurred in NY, NJ and CT. The severity of this virus and its possible effect on younger healthy people is overblown.

  3. Janie

    All cms are signing and ready to protest too! Some of us have families we can not leave and can not choose work over our kids and park that is about family should care… they do not! The military wasnt even this unreasonable… if you do not believe me ask any cm you can! You can go to the parks freely behind rose tinted glasses but not a cm and not here. Davis daughter is dying he couldnt get fmla until the union stepped in on wdw side he said that here… open your eyes and stand w us! We still have cases fl went up this is just scary.

    1. Kathleen Johnson

      You are the scary one! This is still America. We can choose where to go, where to work and what we eat. Stay home so the rest of us don’t have you bothering us.

      1. Russell

        Yeah, let’s just quit our jobs and find a new one… except… literally everyone is opening, so if you want to have food you have to go back to work. OR we can keep everything closed, keep unemployment going, and avoid needless deaths. I forgot though, your need to go have a Dole Whip is far more important than people’s lives.

    2. Paul Alter

      I hope the CM’s can have enough leverage to influence Disney’s opening. Florida and California cases and hospitalizations are increasing as those states begin to open up and people become more lax about social distancing, face coverings, and other safe behaviors.

      The CM’s are in a terrible position in that they will be literally facing the public, increasing their risks for viral load. And given so many of the comments on this, it’s clear that a lot of people simply don’t care about the risk they bring to others. CM’s, like so many others, are having to take a risk balancing health versus income. No one should have to make that choice. Period.

  4. Matthew Pochatko

    As a cast member at Disneyworld, are these people going to pay my bills? Plus, I am going nuts not working.

    1. Bob

      Ever heard of unemployment? Going nuts not working? Learn a language, learn to be a good cook, oh, you get it, right? Don’t be a sissy!! Or, get sick and learn it THAT way… A 20-something just had a 2 lung TRANSPLANT!! Her lungs were totally destroyed by covid19. If a person drove a car like these people, you’d scream about them getting their licence from a cracker jack box! Show at least SOME smarts!

      1. Corey W

        You’re really criticizing somebody for wanting to go back to work?

      2. Janie

        Corey some of us arent young and foolish and have lives and families besides our jobs… wo kids cleared to go back to school what would you like us to do with them??? Half of the other cms are in the bracket to not even come back bc they are retirees whom work for the fun of it you want them to get sick??? Your supporting a minority whom barely works and hangs out at bars or something when their not working!

        1. Corey W

          Oh Janie, everyone is tired of your sob story. People with kids have been working forever! If you think you’re the first person that has ever had to figure out what to do with their kids while their working you’re wrong. And sorry, none of these people are hanging out at bars, all the bars are still closed. If you’re too scared to go to work, then don’t. Like I said in a previous post, I don’t think Disney will have a hard time replacing you since over 40 million people are out of work. But it makes no sense to criticize anyone who actually does want to go back to work. (Thanks for not mentioning Davis and his daughter in a post for once.)

        2. KenR

          Janie, Please stay home and stay safe. Surround your home in bubble. And while you call for cast members to stay home like you, you selfishly expect other people to serve you by keeping your electric, gas, water, netflix, internet on. You still expect employees at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations to be there for you. So if you feel so strongly about the poor worker at Disney, quit being a hypocrite and expect workers to go to work and serve you. Also, this Covid 19 has about a 0% chance of killing a healthy person under age 65. If that’s not you, stay home forever. Dont forget to wear your mask everywhere including the shower.

      3. Janie

        Wow corey and ken are you the same person you aparently do not get out much bc everywhere is going back to normal btw there are plenty more people like me whom can not go back to work bc of issues at home! So go take your pissed off F***ed tude somewhere else! Theres more people whom are in my case that in this new normal are screwed they you have a pretty tale for! How about some of us whose attractions arent even opening or medically can not go to wrk should they be forced to wrk in your eye… give me a break! You do not know me i do not know you so stop telling me how to live my life as a single mom! I have no body but my kids thanks for caring!

        1. Marie

          Janie, although I believe the above posters were a little harsh on their reply to you, I also have to believe there is some truth in what they say. You post A LOT on here and in almost every post your complaining about the cards you were dealt in life. As a single mom myself, your situation is not unique. There’s a ton of resources online and I’m sure in your community as well. I joined a facebook group years ago for single moms and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I suggest you do something similar instead of constantly complaining about your situation. Enjoy the time you have with your kids because someday they’ll get older and move on. I wish you the best!

  5. The “Madness” is based on something very real! Until you lose a loved one or a friend, you’ll never ‘get it’. I know 2 ppl who have kids and are assigned to the virus front and they are SCARED! You have no respect and no apparent empathy for the people who are suffering and DYING. Too many people don’t wear masks, etc. and call it a hoax or scam and that’s why we will have this until a vaccine is found. Grow up or maybe do some research? Yeah right….

    1. Sherri

      I did a little research and found that the virus has killed .005% of the worlds population. Cancer and heart disease has killed more people in the same timeframe. There is no cure or vaccine for either of those, yet we don’t close businesses and force people to shelter at home for either of those. People need to stop being so scared and start living life again, that includes you Barb!

      1. Ken

        I agree with Sherri. There’s so many things that cause death. Nothing closed with Swine Flu, Ebola, and every year there’s a new one. This was a political move by the Democrats to shut things down and the GOP didn’t want to seem out of touch so they obliged. There’s 6 million car accidents every year, do we abolish those. Oh, the Dems want to. People lost their jobs and businesses may never re-open. CA is the land of loonies. Why would anyone live in the liberal cesspool?

        1. Kelsie

          Aw man, I agreed with you so much until you HAD to make it about one political party or the other. Neither side is looking out for you. They’re all a bunch of con artists. Even the God Trump.

        2. Paul Alter

          Ken, you are incorrect that Swine Flu (H1N1) didn’t cause closures. Hundreds of schools and businesses closed (you can look this up). Ebola? That causes huge closures and financial impacts every time it runs its course.

          COVID-19 isn’t just “the flu”. It’s already killed more people in this country in three months than any 6-8 month typical flu season in recent history. When was the last time flu caused overloads in hospitals in this country? Or running out of PPE? Or availability of standard medicines? This conscious ignorance to label COVID-19 as something typical or mild is just flat out incorrect. There’s no basis in any of the data, from any vetted source, to support it.

    2. Sensible

      Considering the WHO just said asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic persons rarely are the cause of transmitting Covid-19, that wholly negates the need for masks and social distancing…

      The only reason masks and social distancing were required was because health officials thought astmptomatic and pre-symptomatic people spread the disease…

      Did some research for you…

      Masks and social distancing are no longer required…

  6. Aaron

    Some of you really are nut bags scared a non treating virus. If sick or a coward stay inside. If not do what u want, this is america.
    U don’t get to dictate how someone else lives you communist


    The UI benefits for Cast Members ENDS JULY 31ST!
    They need to get back to work. Congress will not pass an extension, but most likely an incentive in the form of a payment for GOING back to work. Burning your village down to save the villagers is no way to solve the issue! America needs to get back to work. Don’t go if you don’t want to, but these CM are going to lose that UI benefit in a couple of weeks….think about that.

  8. Kathleen Johnson

    Leave Disney alone. Just stay home if you are afraid! We can make up our own mind! This has gone too far! I no longer listen to those that tells everyone what to do!

  9. mark

    This is all about the $600 a week that people get in addition to their unemployment until the end of July. Many people make more to stay at home than they do working.

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