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Castle Reactions


  1. Sue

    I’m glad it doesn’t look like that disaster of a 25th anniversary castle. Pepto-Bismol pink that was a nightmare. It wasn’t a castle any more look like a blowup toy. This paint job looks beautiful

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      They could’ve gone for a silver and blue castle paint job for the 25th Anniversary Celebration instead of the pink cake and candy castle that should be meant for Princess Bubblegum’s castle for an Adventure Time Land of Ooo theme park because that 25th anniversary pink cake and candy castle is a true nightmare and it should also be meant for an actual anniversary cake!


        Am I the only one in the world that loved the 25th anniversary candy castle?

        1. Della

          Yes I think

        2. Connie Krout

          No you are not the only one. Who knows what this really looks like until you see it person. People who don’t have a creative mind don’t like change. I say bring it on!

          1. I am an artist . I am all for up dating. I don’t think she should change something that has become so iconic. things.

        3. Beverly Coulson

          I loved the 25th anniversary castle

        4. Pepto pink…why???

        5. oscar

          I loved it too. knowing it was temporary, it was amazing to see somehting so bold

    2. Haha, nothing can be worse than the 25th anniversary look!

  2. M.R.Dunaj

    Wdw over the years has slowly left behind Walt Disneys dream… I’m pretty sure Disney would be disappointed in what the parks have become…I like the new but cherish the the old…why does everything of proven success need to be changed…wake up corporate leaders….

    1. Julia

      For the 50th Anniversary the castle needs to look like it did 50 years ago. This is hideous looking. I hate it & am disappointed in WDW.

      1. From the pictures I’ve seen I like it. Haven’t seen in person, not been there for 25 years @ least. To expensive!

    2. cinderlpn

      I agree. The old Cinderella is no more. The new image is generic and every day. The castle looks like Snow White’s at Disneyland. No, I don not like it nor the current Cinderella character image. I miss the old.

      1. pam camp


      2. I guess that is my only issue with it, it looks very similar to other castles.

    3. Robert M. Brand

      It is BEAUTIFUL, thank you…

    4. Danica Geinitz

      Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world- Walt Disney
      The changes are what he wanted.

  3. Gina

    I hate it! I’m totally heartbroken.

  4. Darth Nope

    This is the worst thing they’ve ever done anywhere EVER.

    Waaay worse than leaving a Good-Ol’-Boys-inspired flume ride in middle of the park and saying don’t worry, we took out the racist parts!

    1. Haha, this comment aged quickly! What are your thoughts on the announced changes to Splash?

  5. Kathy Dearing

    I do not like it. I know that change is good, with that said I donl not care if it’s the 50th Anniversary they shouldn’t have changed the color. They could have just decorated it in an over the top fashion. If it isn’t broke do not fix it. Shame on you for taking nostalgia away and making it look luke just another castle.

    1. Hoping the colours will fade a little to make it more like the concept art

  6. Jan

    Looks close to the 25th Anniversary coloring! Now it looks like a joke instead of a wonderful reason to just stop and look at it as you walk down Main Street now it is a hurry up and get past it colors.

  7. Kyle

    It really doesn’t matter what colors they would’ve chosen. Anytime Disney changes anything in the park, people get upset. It’s going to be okay and honestly I think it gives the castle a more elegant look.

    1. Breanna

      I agree!

    2. Valid point, change at the parks is usually a good thing!

  8. Paul Alter

    Loved the previous one! Love the new one!

    No matter what, when I see that castle I know I’m there, in every sense of the word.

    1. Tanya

      Same! I love that castle no matter what color it is! It’s home to me.💗😊

    2. Darlene

      I love it! I’ve been visiting since the month the park opened in1971, and have witnessed every change made. Walt would have liked this.

  9. Mill

    They change stuff just to change it! No rhyme or reason

    1. The paint was a little faded, the issue now is the paint in Fantasyland looks even more faded!

  10. Napoleon Dynamite

    Yup. that’s all Disney does now. Ruin things

  11. Quit crying

    See y’all….this criticism is the EXACT REASON why Walt Disney World never ever changes while incredible innovation is happening at the other parks. Y’all are too sentimental to allow any change to happen.

  12. Matt Brewster

    I agree that the colors are way, way too harsh. It’s like a woman wearing too much makeup. I wouldn’t doubt that the Castle might glow in the dark when they’re done. TONE IT DOWN, FELLAS!

    1. Robert M. Brand

      The castle. Is BEAUTIFUL thank you, and I would like to live in it ! Ha Ha

  13. Breanna

    I think it’s beautiful! Looks just like the concept art, so far. And it’s not pink, its sand. Unless this is a blue dress/white dress thing again. :/

  14. Bobbie Evans

    With everything going on, we’re concerned about how Disney paints it’s castle? Really? Disney didn’t ask us. It’s their castle to paint. I’m sick of the bullying opinions. They can do whatever they want. They don’t care what you think. They really don’t. It looks fine.

  15. K

    Hard to tell without seeing it in person.

  16. Lil

    The vibrant blue is nice, the pink is just too bright, like a child’s room not a sense of sophistication.

  17. Carmine Crincoli

    The Walt Disney World 50th anniversary castle paint job with some gold trim looks pretty beautiful but it could be more beautiful with some silver and blue and a little bit of gold, pink, and sand and maybe the silver, blue and gold 50th anniversary paint jobs should also be applied to the Fantasyland Carousel, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Storybook Circus, It’s a Small World, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, The Beast’s Castle of the Be Our Guest restaurant, Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain and the rest of Tomorrowland, and some stores and restaurants at Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Mission: Space, The Seas, the World Showcase store, restaurant and attraction buildings, and various other stores and restaurants at Epcot, the Chinese Theatre, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, STAR TOURS, and various stores and restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, DINOSAUR and Dinoland USA, Pandora: The World of Avatar, the Theater in the Wild, and a few stores and restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Disney Springs stores and restaurants, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, some Walt Disney World Resort hotels like the Contemporary Resort, the Walt Disney World Monorail, and Disney’s Skyliner all for the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and there should be some gold painted opening day ride vehicles for the still-operating opening day rides at Magic Kingdom as well as some silver, blue and gold painted ride vehicles for some Walt Disney World rides like Pirates of the Caribbean!

    1. Love these suggestions, agreed – other attractions could do with a paint job as well.

  18. Darrell White

    I love it!!

    1. Michelle Infante

      I am a Disney fan. I grew up in Orlando for me no matter what color Disney is Magical place. They are always with the theme. DISNEY ROCKS….💖💖💖

  19. W.L.

    It looks pretty. I am sure even more in person. I’m okay with this change but I do miss the old. Disneyland looks nice too… I’m still bitter about Mr. Toad & Snow White’s Adventures going away. 🙂

  20. Bickford

    SO MUCH BETTER than the 25th Anniversary Castle!
    The 50th Anniversary Castle looks like it’s a fairy tale castle brought to life.

  21. Laurie

    I personally love it. Looks more elegant.

  22. Keith Parquette

    I like it. Way better than the 25th birthday cake paint scheme

  23. CJ

    It’s the same opinion I have regarding Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle’s paint job ….. it was done to “pop at night” (I prefer my Disney Theme Parks at night – just like Walt Disney did in ‘that Episode of World of Colour’ – so it’s appearance during the day is irrelevant to me).

    1. Great point CJ. I also prefer the parks at night, they really shine and become an entirely different park.

  24. Teresa Elbin

    I think it looks hideous. Colossal waste of money. With all the restrictions, a trip to WDW isn’t worth it this year. No FP, ADR, parades, character greetings. Limits on park attendance, limits on bus system. Restricted hours for pools. Seriously why go? Prices haven’t dropped despite all that WDW has eliminated. It’s a joke.

    1. Even worse for those of us in the UK, even next year is looking uncertain!

  25. Snow White

    Personally I think every year Disney makes one ridiculous decision after another. It just keeps going downhill. Soon the park won’t be recognizable in Walt’s original vision. Changing splash mountain is the latest bad decision.

  26. Jamie J

    As a visitor to WDW during the 25th anniversary as a kid of around 8 years old, I thought the pink cake castle was incredible! I think folks should remember that Disney is for all ages, but the magic is especially strong for kids.

    1. jayden

      ooo, good point!
      the kids will recognize it as Cinderella’s Castle, even if it doesn’t match their parents’ memories. And that’s okay! it’s a whole new generation of disney fans, and things are going to be different and all the more magical.

  27. Zen

    I was there on closing day. It looked like Salmon. Wasn’t fan then and not one now. What happened to Cindy’s Castle?!

  28. Robyn Dombrowski

    Was always a huge Disney fan, grew up with wonderful world of Disney every weekend, frequently went the wdw park, even honeymooned there. My very large extended in-law family were into it as well. The castle colors are cartoonish at best. But since I WILL NOT be going back again or ever watching/buying a Disney produced movie, I could care less what they do anymore. Walts dream was that while ANYONE of any age was in the park they could leave the outside worlds hassles, politics, and all the rest of the garbage behind. To be in an idealised world where that doesnt exist. WDW has deeply perverted Walt’s dream and goal so far that I can not and will not give over my hard earned money to fund them. They now offer nothing that ANY/EVERY Amusement park has but with less money or hassle. They brought into the parks, depicted in their movies and online presence of bowing/kneeling to the SJW yappers, Politics, America sucks agenda, Orangeman bad, Homo Mafia (if you need your rainbow sh#t around you in every kiosk or store in the park for the 1-2 day your there to feel welcome, the problem is with YOU not everyone else.), Groups whose goal is to destroy American families, and Marxist ideology. No Thanks. I’ll keep my hard earned money and take the kids/future grand kids camping instead.

  29. Robyn Dombrowski

    Walts dream was to have 1 place on earth where the crap of human existance can not enter. A repreive for everyone from politics, cultural issues, etc. in a greatly idealised fantasy world of fun. Everyone and age should feel like a little kid there. But in the last 20 years Disney has slowly but consistently been bringing into their parks & their movies; Liberal Politics, Gender agendas, homosexual groups agendas, Anti-police, Anti-traditional “family units”, bowing/kowtowing to SJWs, Marxists agendas. (For example, you can’t wear a proud retired police shirt, or a maga hat BUT you can wear a BLM hat and DEFUND the cops shirt. Every store or kiosk has “rainbow” merch pushing that whole thing.) Disney has steadily priced out blue collar & military families. Choosing to go with the more “affluent clientele” and those that will/can only go at the most crowded, hottest time of year to get the 3 day super saver packages they put out occasionally. Now the cancel culture decided Splash Mountain has to go. If a ride is so old it’s unsafe, or no one ever rides it, re-theaming makes sense. Its not the case here, this is because yet again SJW Marxists said RACISM. BOOM! It has to go. No thanks. Disney has nothing you can’t get at any other theme/amusement park for way less money or hassle. Kids should be kids not indoctrination subjects. Stay woke and broke disney your no better than nike to most of us.

  30. Carol

    The first year Disney World opened our family went to visit relatives in Ft. Lauderdale. On the way we stopped. It was an experience I always remember fondly. Sponsored rides and ticket book to ride others. The castle was breathtaking. I have been several times since then. The park or should I say parks have grown tremendously over the years. While the castle was the main stay of Magic Kingdom. The one thing you could always count on being the memory you had kept in your head for years would be there to trigger old times there, while creating new ones. Now they have taken that away. Not everything needs to change.
    It makes me sad. It now looks like the castle in the Descendant movie. Liked the movies, however don’t like that Cinderella’s castle isn’t unique anymore.

  31. Amy

    Why mess with perfection? The castle was fine the way it was! This went WAY too far.

  32. Edward Rytman

    Looks like crap now!!! The ones that decided on the new color skeam should be fired! Just plan and simple looks like crap!

  33. Edward

    Looked like pure crap! Walt Disney world have a fit!



  35. I like the old castle better. I think they could’ve toned it down on the gold and pink. The bottom of the castle looks unfinished considering its grey not pink.

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