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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Drs up here in ny wore face shields and still got sick but i guess anything is better than a peice of cloth over your face though face sheilds while covering you are open in many places…. nothing will help unless you follow all guidelines! Lets have common sense!

    1. Natasha

      While this plastic shield will not stop
      The scary virus from spreading or catching it, at least universal is trying.

    2. Big D

      I was at Universal 2 weekends ago and my son is of special needs 5(years old). He was given wristband and he wore the mask as I held his hands down during many rides requirement but in the hot sun it was very difficult. My suggestion with receiving special instructions give late in the day try to accommodate and help the individual and if it’s to much trouble best thing is wait till cooler temps arrived and go then. It’s not the end of the world and wear a mask when cooler and definitely more suitable. This helps everyone in the party enjoy the parks and not feel that you cant go, just at the moment it’s not the best.

  2. Cindy Caine

    You know what will help people acknowledging team members got sick and guest have too and stop covering it up!

  3. Rosie

    Sadly fl law needs to first update its laws in this brave new world bc its law not to wear masks we could by law all be in trouble… esp kids in masks!

    1. Sue

      That is why Florida will not do a mandatory face mask bc they would be open to law suits. I said parks should wait to open up the more the parks open the more people come down here and spread germs. Face sheild or mask will not work if not worn the right way. And when it’s 95 and humid it’s not easy. And nobody at Disney will stay 6 feet away. And you can’t tell me that no employee had gotten sick so far.

  4. David Oconnell

    Masks don’t work. Face shields ESPECIALLY don’t work… Even a little. What works is getting the virus and letting your body’s immune system deal with it. That’s human biology. #ImAScientist

    1. Natasha

      I agree.. one would have to wear both perhaps and gloves and maybe even an n95 mask. That’s the only way.. or maybe nothing at all sense this virus only effects old unhealthy people that were on their way out anyway. This virus only kills less than 98% any deaths are sad but this is not enough to close the world Down.. this is fear mongering to keep us all scars of the scary fake virus.

  5. Luigi

    It’s been proven that masks cut down on spreading the virus despite what the “scientist” claims. Good move by Universal to at least make the the people falsely claiming a disability to wear something.

  6. Big D

    And insurance companies a reason to charge higher premiums next year…….

  7. Diane Morgan

    The face mask suffocates u when it’s too hot outside.so the face shield is a litter to breathe in.but too me right now is to hot in Florida to be doing all those parks .no one is saying that their suffocating wearing the masks .

  8. Universal theme parks rides All juarrny 22 2021

  9. Eile

    It’s absurd that anyone would pay thousands of dollars to wear a face diaper in the hot Florida sun when the CDC website clearly states that CoFIB has a 99% survival rate! A survival rate that high is not a pandemic. Putting a mask on a child is child abuse! Shame on Universal for going along with this scam. I have seen YouTube videos of people on rides without a mask on…good for them!

  10. Joanne

    Many have been vaccinated and I see no reason why you can’t wear a shield. We are going in June 2021 and most will have their shots. It’s hot so why not a shield. I had a stroke and the mask give’s me a headache. I prefer a shield. How can I get an ok to wear a shield.

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