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Disco Yeti


  1. Tom Murray

    I’ve had the pleasure of riding EE many times while in “A-mode” It was truly an amazing thing to see when it was working. They need to find a way to bring the ride back to its original glory. Making it one of the best attractions in any of the four parks.

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    I was just on it last yr it was working. The ride wasnt 100%

  3. Chuck

    Not even sure what he meant in that comment. Seems very vague.

  4. Andre D.

    Have to say, the moving yeti was very thrilling but you move past it so quickly that at this point it really doesn’t detract from the fun and thrills the journey itself provides. Expedition Everest is still a favorite of mine despite the fact that my own body seems to have gone into B-Mode As I get older.

  5. EMcG

    What was the Yeti supposed to do? I ridden EE many times and all you see is the shadow of the Yeti come out and tear up the track. What should have happened? Is there a video of it to see?

  6. Paul Alter

    I recall the full working Yeti and it was pretty awesome. Would love to see them find a fix.

    1. Pamela

      I agree it was awesome to see.

  7. Caroline RN

    I was on the ride when it was new and subsequent years. I’ve seen the yeti or the shadow but honestly I’m too busy praying that we all live through the ride!! Ha ha.
    I do love that ride though.

  8. EricJ

    Do you know I momentarily forgot about the “Yeti B” problem, and literally opened the article thinking “Oh, what, are they going to ban HIM now, too??”?

  9. Matt Brewster

    I’ve never understood why the Imagineers invested so much attention on this figure, since you blast by it so fast that it’s just a blur. Why couldn’t they place it in the scene where the train stops and you see the yeti only in shadow. That would give guests enough time to fully study it!

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