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The Most Evacuated Rides


  1. Lydia

    Sse and pirates are def higher well pirates was used to work jungle N here their down announcement hourly! Sse lets just say that ride is going to put itself into a rehab after 10yrs of clanging!

  2. Joe

    I have a feeling your list is a little off. This only counts rides that ready creek has to be called to. Most ride evacuations dont require assistance from the fire department sk theg would not be recorded in this list. I know someone who used to work at one of the attractions for 6 months. They said they averaged an evac once a day but in the 6 months there never had to call reedy creek for assistance.

  3. Beverly Carson

    We were on Pirates at WDW when our boat got stuck on the lift hill just before the drop. There were 3 really large men in the front seat, my sister and I in the next seat, and the rest of the boat was full. The lights came on and a CM came in and asked everyone to try lurching together back and forth to get the boat unstuck and over the crest of the hill, but it didn’t work. They finally had to completely drain all the water out of the canal then refill it, twice. On the third time they must have added a little more water because the boat became unstuck and we continued on our journey.

  4. Stan P

    If they were to go back to the first years of Test Track, that would be #1 by a large margin.

  5. Nachtwulf

    A blast from the past; you wanna know what their MOST evacced ride was?

    Back in the day, it was Autopia at Disneyland. At the time, it didn’t have a central rail that the cars ran on, and the cars were unable to reverse, so any time a driver got caught on a curb or caused some sort of pile up, they had to stop the traffic and get someone out there to physically get the person out of the car, pick it up, and put it back in the roadway!

    My mother relates having gotten stuck on it more than once. And that’s why there’s now the rail!

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