Comments for ‘Harry Potter’ Star Emma Watson Fires Back at Rowling’s Transphobic Statements

Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling

Credit: Emma Watson/Cindy Ord/WireImage


  1. KennyVee

    I would be inclined to believe your hearts are in the right place. It’s a good message.

    But Emma Watson was the headline, and you quoted 77 of Emma’s words. You gave 288 words to quoting Daniel Radcliffe.

    I like Daniel, and his words were good, but so were Emma’s, and for you to highlight one in the headline and then spotlight the other in the text (is it because he’s the bigger star? Then why didn’t he get the headline? Is it because he’s male that you used more of what he sad than you did the person highlighted? Then why make the headline about the one you spend less time quoting?).

    Is it an honest mistake? Those do happen, and I get that, but this was a pretty egregious bait and switch headline for the article that focused on the man (as good of a man as he is). I like you all at ITM, and you’re a regular destination for me. But we are imrpoving our world right now, and I cannot sit idly by while more voice is given to one group when another group is the reason for the voice being broadcast at all.

    1. Good for Mrs. Rowling!..speak up for WHAT you believe!..it seems now you can’t have any opinion on anything without being called homophobic, racist, bigot or a hater..or whatever their one sided mind comes up with!..stand for what you believe in!..there is NOT just one belief or opinion that is right!..quit being so brainwashed everyone!..

      1. KEN

        well..her science was wrong so…not an opinion.

  2. Jill

    Emma Watson: the worst Belle ever.

    1. Anne

      I soooo agree. I’ll never understand how she was chosen for that part.

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