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Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Preview


  1. Thomas Nicolai-Vargas

    Very upset about this! I never got an email! and I”ve been checking them constantly since I got the June 19th email saying the invite email would go out soon. This thing was handled wrong! I have a premier passport but obviously that gives me not credit with WDW. I also tried several times to contact Walt Disney World by phone, Chat email (last Friday). Today I was on the phone 90 minutes with no info and no help! Oh and I also got up at 4:00 on the 26th and the 11th and was already sold out for pass holders but still shows availability for resort and ticket holders. Not feeling the love as an AP…

  2. SG

    I’m an AP and this is the first I heard of it. Not surprised. Had the same thing happen at an AP day in EPCOT a few years ago and an AP day when Galaxy Edge opened – we just happened to walk past the area and asked why we hadn’t been notified. They took pity on us and let us in anyway. Who ever is in charge of sending emails to AP should be demoted to the complaint department!
    To be honest – this is one I would pass up anyway. No way I’m going anywhere near a crowd with our RECORD BREAKING COVID NEW cases!

  3. Darlene

    I DID receive an invite. However, uh uh to going and being the first guinea pigs to experience during Covid. Plus, the heat and a mask…..Will wait till Oct. and made ressies for then. As far as emails for the preview, and as the capacity is severly limited, I suspect so were the emails.

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