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Disneyland Passholder Survey

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  1. Kris R

    I called and asked for a refund back in April right after they provided a number to call. They said that they couldn’t process it until the parks reopened. For me the whole point of an AP was to be able to go to a park for as long or as short a period as I wanted to, on a whim. Understandably guests staying on property will “reserve” days first, on property guests will probably get first chances to do so, and so forth. Moreover with no parades, no fireworks, more limited transportation, Needing to wear a mask, no buffets, no character interactions,etc. what is the point of a pass priced based on a completely different experience? I’ll stay away from Disney and stick with other parks until next year or whenever things go back to normal.

    1. Georgia Rocha

      I want my pass canceled. I want the option of getting a new pass when I feel safe to return and also when I can go on a daily basis since I have the 2nd to highest pass. It’s only fair. Disney needs to understand this and also that people might not be able to afford their passes due to the pandemic. They are forcing people to pay for their passes not knowing wheather or not if these people still have a job.
      Be reasonable Disneyland!

  2. Kristine

    I called and asked for a refund. I got sick shortly after the parks closed and am still not able to travel within possible extended dates

  3. Thea Wilkins

    I will
    Keep my passport ! But, do not want to get charged for it till I can make and get a reservation .

  4. Danielle

    I just feel like the whole situation is frustrating on many levels and I feel for Disney trying to find a solution. Personally, I don’t want to cancel my annual pass, but at the same time I don’t feel comfortable going to the parks on July 17 yet AND there’s no admission guarantee. I think Disney should continue extending passes until at least a passholder’s first entry into a park after reopening. There’s a huge possibility that passholders won’t be able to get reservations and that’s just not fair for the huge premium we pay for that benefit.

  5. Alison

    I have an AP but I live out of state. It is much more dangerous for me to go to DL versus a local Californian because I have to fly in, get a rental car and hotel. Each of those activities put me further at risk. I prefer a pro-rated refund from the day they closed to the expiration date.

    1. Kris R

      I am in the same situation as you but for WDW. I honestly prefer to get the refund. I have a feeling that as long as these conditions last AP holders will get last dibs on park reservations.

  6. Barbara Anson

    I am on the payment system. We renewed in December of 2019. We were supposed to go on vacation in May, which got canceled so we couldn’t use our tickets. While payments have been temporarily suspended, our next vacation is in December and who knows if we can even get reservations to be in the parks for the week. Maybe we get one or two days. With all the changes and restrictions I really don’t thing going will be much fun. I would opt for just canceling out my payment plan and once things are back to normal I’ll get my APs again. I have no desire to go with the restrictions in place and those restrictions impact the entire purpose of APs anyway.

  7. Jenn

    I got my passes about two weeks before they closed. We have not even been about to use them once. I am on the payment plan and had to put a lot of money down because I have 5 passes. If we are not able to make a reservation to go I want my money back. Plus with Florida having a lot more cases I dont think I am comfortable going with my kids.

  8. My expired in May and didn’t want to renew bc of not knowing when they would reopen. Now my passes don’t even show up. Bc I do t want a refund I paid In full I want then to extend they like they said for the number of weeks closed and also bc you ge the discount to renew . Now I’d do t eve see my 3 annual passes which where platinum ones for Florida residents

  9. Cortland Bullock

    I and my wife both have passes and mine was paid in full right before all this hit .and hers was paid for in fullbshortly before thst and i have been an annual passholder for 10 years I’m furious at these new regulations I think they’re crap I don’t think I’ll be renewing my past or my wife’s if this is the future what it’s like we’re going to Disneyland this is bullcrap and yes I think a refund would be great I don’t see how it makes up for the lost but it’s better than what LA Fitness is done anyways I’ve been a long time annual pass holder and I am not happy I’m more than likely not renew my pass the whole idea of an annual pass and paying all that money let’s be able to go when you want to go if I have to make an appointment now why the hell would pay for it all we don’t have to deal with this kind of crap at Knott’s Berry Farm I guess we’re going to be spending a a lot more time and money there very disappointed

  10. Wilsonclan

    We are Disneyland park hopper fully paid Annual Passholders. We would prefer to keep them, even with the anticipated changes to take place in the Parks. However, if the pass no longer guarantees us usage when we want, then we really question the benefit. If we have to make a reservation, and it’s possible if not likely we can’t get in when we want, then we would want some compensation for the lack of flexibility. If that is not offered, then I guess we’d request the refund. We’re waiting to see how the reservation system is going to work.

  11. Mindy Brocker

    Our passes are paid in full and expire in mid August.

    I will not be able to book in the 30 days remaining. I definitely would prefer a refund of the rest of the pass.

  12. Jenn

    Disney is mistreating it’s best visitors, would not refund passholders for the rest of the year.
    The value proposition is completely different, this is not what we paid for.

  13. L

    I bought my pass to go with family (they have 5 kids) who live in California. Their pass has expired and they are very nervous about what it will be like to try to get little kids to wear a mask and all of the other restrictions. I would rather get a refund on the rest of my pass.

  14. Gloria

    My pass is paid in full. I have the Signature pass. However before I could go to Disneyland almost everyday if I wanted. Now we will require a reservation to get into the park. So how many reservations can one person make at one time? Say I would like to go twice in July and twice in August. Can I make more than one reservation? If not then what good is my annual pass which I paid in full? I understand all that has happened and both parks are trying to keep us all safe..I am just trying to understand before I say I would like a refund. Thank you so much. Gloria

  15. Patricia

    I have an 80 year old mom that I need to care for. Therefore, since I am not planning on visiting any time soon, I would like to cancel my annual pass and not make any further payments. I would rather save that money and get the pass when things improve and I don’t have to be worried about infection. Please send me the survey. Thank you.

  16. Tammy

    I was holding off on cancelling my annual pass. However after hearing today that Splash Mountain will be re-themed to Princess and the Frog. I am cancelling my current tickets and any future tickets. So sad that you would do this Disney.

    1. Jenna

      Really? That is what you are mad about? Becaaaaauuuse? I cancelled my passes too. Different more pandemic-esque reasons. Don’t they change attractions all the time?

    2. Jenna


  17. Jennifer

    We live in arizona. Bought signature annual passes for our family of 5, 4 days before the shut down. We like to fo for a week at a time about every 3 months or so. With the new regulations, we would only be allowed to book a reservation for 3 days, if available, cant park hop and looks like the maxpass add on we paid for wont be good either. I want my money back. When all of this is done, we will decide whether or not to get annual passes again,but the roughly 6600 I shelled out is not going to see the majority of its value. Disney needs to understand this and do right by all of us that visit frequently and put out a ton of money .

  18. Susan

    In my view, Disney is really mistreating it’s most valuable (or so I thought) attendees… Platinum Annual Passholders. Good luck getting a reservation. And if we can’t park hop, what’s the point? For me, it’s the principal of it all. As a pass holder, I don’t expect to see most of the dates blocked out and to have been relegated to the lowest of the low in terms of status, having paid close to $5,000 for my three tickets and after spending a fortune in addition to that over the past several years. Had they rolled out the red carpet for us, I would have considered but I didn’t expect to be treated like this.

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