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Disneyland Fans Reactions


  1. Alyssa Jobs

    They are opening the parks everywhere else but here? Doesn’t seem like a fair move. Huge malls are open but not Disneyland with tons of safety measures? I am beyond sad. The state should release the guidelines so the park can prepare. Even New Jersey is allowing theme parks now.

    1. Janie

      Yes but there averaging like fl 5k new cases per day! Its getting scary and people just want to stay safe… its not ill intended its the new normal and i applaud disney for caring i only wished they care about world! My job and peoples vacations will be there now kids are in the bracket to watch for i doubt disney a family park wants all this on their hands god forbid! My friend in military is a nurse in fl she told me the hosp shes at had 50 new cases all kids come in shes in orlando!

    2. Dr. Linda Sue Sapp-Cox

      Even Mickey would want his fans to be safe while having a good time. Good for you Disneyland!!

  2. David

    I feel it is the wrong decision. At some point people will have to leave their houses and will get the virus as it is not going away. Now that we have hit the “protests” spike the numbers should start leveling out.

  3. Mouseketeer

    It’s not like there are a bunch of people who work, or used to work, for the theme park division of the WDC. Not just the cast members that you see, but there are many other people who you don’t see. Sanitation, Chefs, Housekeeping, Gardening, Maintenance, Imagineers, etc who are not working because of the parks being closed. Many of those people will not be able to hold out till the powers that be deem it is OK for them to get back to work. They will have to find other employment…

    Keeping the parks closed will not make Covid-19 go away any quicker.

  4. Mojo

    Big brother wants control of everyone and to keep everyone in a lockdown, take back yr life, go outside and have some fun, may sound crazy, but dont be sheeple, the government wants to control you, do some reasearch on the subject, its out there

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