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  1. Nance

    OK, apparently I’m missing something here. Disney expects guests to go back, pay full (expensive) resort prices from June 22 to mid July, with the ability to do what??!! Why on God’s good green earth would people want to pay premium prices to stay there and not have much of anything to do or so?? I’m a HUGE Diz fan but really? Seriously?!

    1. Corey W

      I think by posting and notifying people what’s open or closed, what they can and won’t be able to do, and what the price is for admission they expect people to make a decision on attending the park or not. If it’s worth it to you then awesome enjoy a great day at Disneyland! If it’s not worth it to you, well nobody is making you go!

  2. Gabriella Isabel Farias de Paguaga

    I’m very excited because Disneyland will reopen his door again I’m planning to going back but not this year I’m planning to 2022.

  3. Brevyn

    Can’t wait!

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