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  1. Vallee

    Please re-open the park? I would like to go to work and actually have money to pay for groceries and rent! Just because we’re reopening the park, that doesn’t mean that everyone who goes to Disneyland is going to be sick! I truly think if we put in little hand washing stations everywhere (just like trash cans everywhere) people will use them! Also if we have someone taking temperatures in the front! Just like every other public place has! Everyone knows about this virus and no one wants to get it or spread it! If someone is possibly to young to understand the virus thing they would most likely still be going to Disneyland with their parents! Their parents would most likely make sure their children was their hands! Please, reopen the park!?

  2. Scotty

    Disney can and should do whatever they feel is best for them. They made it this far. Running a massive, complex, expensive, detailed business such as this takes time and consideration. Folks all think they have the answers and want their own needs addressed above anyone else’s. When it’s time, Disney will open. Disney will be great once again, time will pass, and people will forget, moving on to the next hyper-drama. It will all be fine in time. Be thankful you are healthy and have a place to visit that is so well cared for, loved, cherished and operated. Many people in the world don’t.

  3. Me

    I understand we need money to pay bills and survive but reopening now with more cases of covid. It’s not safe, taking visitors temperature isn’t very helpful. In fact its useless when you have the virus but none of the symptoms including no fever. That was my case and many others with the virus. I only took the covid test as a precaution since my spouse is still working. I had no symptoms yet I tested positive. It only takes one person to infect many visitors and employees.

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