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Credit: Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort


  1. Austin Lynch

    Thx for the article. A clarification: the majority of Unions have NOT reached health and safety agreements, but only agreements on the procedures for recalling employees. Health and safety concerns are explicitly mentioned as pending further discussion in the Master Services recall agreement, which is the largest contract at the resort. Feel free to email me if you need further detail on this question

    1. Bailee Abell

      Thank you for the clarification, Austin! We’d love to reach out and get your input for a follow up article.

  2. Sue

    If I where a cast member I would be sacred also. Bc tourists don’t care. They can be very rude even with out something going on. Disney should have waited to open. With the numbers going up every day. It’s goin got get worst with more and more people coming down here if people are that crazy to go to the parks with the rise in case. You are just crazy bc you are putting a lot of people in jeopardy. It’s better to wait then open up and have to shut down again. Bc you watch it will

  3. Caroline RN

    Is this site for non CM’s?
    This stuff is between youguys. It’s close to being about nothing but trouble and dissatisfaction for the company, the fans/tourists. I’ve read so much rudeness here mainly about the tourists I can’t believe my eyes.
    It’s none of our business and don’t bad mouth us in broad daylight. I joined this to just talk maybe reminisce about “Disney Magic” and good things Disney. It’s mostly been anything other than that but, not totally. It is definitely giving me a negative feel towards being at our beloved Disneyland and DW.
    Just like other corporations and businesses, it should be kept to internal affairs.
    No one would want to hear how hospital employees; Doctors, Nurses, the lab housekeeping, security, food service are arguing amongst themselves and the CEO’s.
    It’s true for any Corp.
    Airlines, Hotels etc.. Dealing with some of the public is n e v e r going to be easy for all of us. Hopefully most are good!
    I’ve always been nice at Disney, absolutely loved being there and never had any problems with cm’s.

    1. Marvin

      The comments dissing passholders are likely from other passholders. Even so, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I appreciate the candidness and openness in these trying times rather than “Puppies and rainbows, everyone!”

  4. Rickie

    The caravan was also about how downtown cast members feel they shouldn’t be forced to open alone. DTD was the last to close and now the first to open even though cases are surging. Majority of DTD CMs feel like their well being especially does not matter to Disney.

  5. Sammie

    Everyone really needs to grow up! This is a flu people.
    People as old as 95 have recovered from it.
    Get rid of the stupid mask requirements, social distancing and “six feet apart” nonsense.
    Walt Disney made it a point not to bring the outside into his park and that’s just what y’all trying to do.
    Wearing a mask and not seeing smiles at Disney? What the heck!!! Not hugging characters? Limited people? This is beyond ridiculous for a “flu”.
    I will always shake hands of those I meet and they will see my smile face and not done silly mask that makes your face look huge and fat!
    May Jesus come back now to put a stop to human stupidity!

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