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  1. Linda

    My husband and I are wanting to know when will the ticket sales and annual passes be able to be purchased and why the pause on them. We are excited about the reopen of Disneyland and want to get our annual pass. Thank you

  2. Tonya

    My family has reservations for November to visit Disneyland. Should we cancel our trip?

  3. Victoria

    I have been planning my 30th birthday trip to Disney for YEARS thankfully managed to at least secure the ticket for September 8th but I wanted to get more days. Disney is my happy place and it was all I wanted for my birthday. Still need to work out details and see if it’s possible to get a couple more days. I initially wanted to do 3 or 4 days then upgrade to an annual pass when I got there.

  4. Renee

    When will Disneyland open up regular day tickets? I would like to come beginning of August but don’t currently have tickets or reservations.

  5. Kelley Smith

    A friend and I were planning a trip at the beginning of June to celebrate “big” birthdays. Hers was her 80th and mine was 60th. Still working on a date to celebrate these special days in our life.

  6. Erica

    We purchased the 3 day SoCal pass and used two of the three days. I have until 12/16 to use the third day right?

  7. Lou Gunn

    Infections continue to go up each day. Nothing has changed. I will not be back until there is a vaccine or treatment. I’m not going to put my life, nor my family’s at risk. Not worth it. If it takes years, so be it.

  8. Kristin Sanderson

    I have a legit question. You should allow annual passholders to cancel their pass if they wish. Ours starts beginning of the year and had 2 months to enjoy the park when virus hit. Now, with these new policies, the contract that we had is no longer what we signed up for and paying the 2nd highest premium we WON’T be getting all the access to the park that we had before which we are paying for. To me, this is bait and switch and the contract we signed is not being upheld, virus or no virus. I want to cancel the pass.

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