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  1. Davis

    How about:
    Like the good old days you enjoyed your day as a whole and spent the day! You also still did everything and more! We all waited in the same line because you no other option. You had no option to even park hop bc your ticket got stamped w the date at a specific park.
    But you enjoy your buggy fp+ that still hasnt worked since the paper ones!

    1. Janie

      If you miss em i can bring you paper passes we still prefer em at DL!

  2. Miriam

    How will all these things affect guest assist anyone know? Does anyone know esp wo fp lane where we would go and virtual queues telling us to wait twice ….

  3. sonnybruce

    I loved planning from Maryland our families Disney vacation as to make sure we had our dining reservations locked in and then getting our fast passes set up as to do the least amount of walking for a long day at the park,which also allowed us the timing of the shows,parades and fireworks viewing and but now its been totally thrown out ,not in phases but all together and with the mandatory of wearing masks in the Florida heat [Legoland not required] and humidity, sorry you just lost me as guest we will not be renewing our ap’s and will take the refund instead of the extension and instead of Disney for the time being in which we had trips scheduled for April, September and December it will be the beach, mountains, Hershey and Busch Gardens and I understand others might say good riddance or don’t let the door hit you on the way out that’s fine its just my opinion on whats best for me and my family.

    1. Jamie

      Covid is not disney fault are people dying disney fault too???? why is it everyone sounds so full of themselves like its disney fault good go to the other parks while disney remains safe! One more spot for the rest of us!!! I wish desantis would ban more than new yorkers!

  4. Lydia

    Disney has no clue whats going on if desantis clears 75% by july/aug things will change mark my words! Why would you code people and limit people etc at 75% baffles minds! Lets all stop jumping on each other and screaming and wait this out… ps. Disney could all do us all a favor and say for the common sense impaired and say all these rules are what we proposed and subject to change!

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