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  1. randy love

    Sorry, I know the time is way to soon to open anything up , with the spikes raising up .unsure if u can keep people from not getting this virus. How do u keep people from congregating ? Same with vegas .I do believe there will be another shutdown. On the other side of this ,if u check each and everyone of the people including thre workers maybe they can work around this but, anyone leaving the park needs to get rechecked .if they have the sickness they would get booted out and wash stations wipe downs in order forcing people to wear masks if they dont they will be escorted out of the park with theses rules in play and everyone does ther part it should be doable they would also have to sign a waiver if they do get this virus they cant sue the park

  2. Nachtwulf

    Hmm… imagine… a communicable disease doesn’t seem to care that people are tired of dealing with it….

    Americans are notoriously good at the ‘quick response in solidarity’ and then REALLY BAD about continuing to follow up long enough to make a real difference. After awhile we just get tired of dealing with trying to avoid or prevent the whatever-it-is and give up, and it just becomes ‘how things are’.

    Well… I guess people have reached the point where they’d just rather all get infected and get it over with than deal with the disruption to their lives in any way.

    1. Damion

      You’re so right Nachtwulf. We should shut everything down and wait until 80 million people are out of jobs instead of just the 40 million. All so we don’t get the “killer” virus that has already claimed .005% of the worlds population. I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

    2. George Pond

      Wow! Just 2000 or so people getting a serious illness every day, and maybe just a couple of dozen deaths. Let’s go ride a ride and grab a beer somewhere and see if we can guess who dies next. Probably won’t be us though, so why should we care?

      Oh yeah… our jobs are much more important than the health of a few hundred strangers each day. We are what matters.

      1. K Miller

        My (likely unpopular) perspective is influenced by the wise, older people in my family & friends in the medical field. I live in northern California and since we’ve reopened businesses there’s claims that the number of cases are going up. Well of course they’re going to because we have more people being testing. I’m very confident that I already had it end of December. I just went out & got a part time job about a month ago. Done living in fear. I live with someone with cancer & even he says we shouldn’t all put our lives on hold. He knows he’s not going to live forever. I know two nurses that work at two different hospitals in my area and they’re not seeing the numbers of hospitalizations go up much. every flu season there’s going to be a bunch of people that are going to get whatever the current virus is. we cannot completely ruin our economy and stay home every flu season. These nurses express concern that the shut down caused suicide numbers to increase. Why isn’t that as big a concern as people who die of a virus? As my 73 year old mother says; We are not immortal. we are not going to prevent everyone from ever dying. yes we have incredible medical care these days but still eventually people are going to get old and pass away. She & I are planning a trip to FL in December. She’s careful, but not living in fear & going to enjoy whatever time she has left.
        Also, a theme park has always been a place to easily pick up germs. Even though I’ve been going to theme parks (many times) my whole life, somehow I’ve never gotten sick after visiting. I use hand sanitizer often & don’t touch my face unless I just washed hands. If someone already has health issues & is worried, they can choose to not go to a theme park.

      2. Damion

        Sorry George, anything that kills .005% of the worlds population is not a serious illness, and putting a roof over my family’s heads and putting food on the table is more important then some stranger getting a cough and fever with the high probability that it won’t be anything more. Keep being afraid though.

  3. Jacquart6

    Isn’t the rise in numbers because of the increased testing?
    Are the number of Deaths going down?

  4. Candace

    This is nothing new. The stay at home order was to flatten the curve and prepare the hospitals. Still with cases going up the hospitals are still empty. The question is even though people have tested positive, how many are going to the hospitals and how many deaths of those go up.
    We as a society need to build a heard immunity, are are doing an injustice to our immune system.
    Remember mom sending you out to play in the dirt or play with a friend with chicken pox. It was to build an immunity. As a preschool teacher I found kids that were protected from dirt etc. got sicker then the kids that got down and got dirty.
    The statistics alone show us it’s a different type of flu. Shutting down again should not be an option.

    1. emcg

      I agree 100%

  5. Paul Alter

    A few thoughts – if you look at the availability of ICU beds, for counties like Orange, the hospitals are dangerously close to filling available general hospital and ICU beds. And we know hospitalizations lag initial discoveries of infections. And we know Florida’s, and Orange county’s, cases are on the increase. Not too hard to see where this could be headed.

    And according to the health agencies around the country, including places like the CDC, Harvard Medical, Mayo Clinic, etc., the increases in cases are not due to more testing. They are due to states opening up and people not following even some of the less than adequate guidelines in some locations. The disease is doing exactly what the experts predicted would happen.

    Now, herd immunity. The *only* herd immunity in modern society in any of our lifetime’s has come from vaccines. That said, let’s do the math. There are about 330 million people in the US. Herd immunity level varies by the disease, from about 60% to over 90% for measles, depending on how contagious it is. Let’s be generous and go with 60%, so that says roughly 200 million people have to get COVID-19 to reach herd immunity density. The mortality rate varies by region, but with 118K US deaths and about 2.16 million confirmed cases, that’s about 5.5%. So with 330 million people we’re looking at over 18 million deaths here in the US.

    I just wonder if the people who argue for “herd immunity” think about how many people have to die to reach that point? That doesn’t even account for an explosion of likely additional deaths if we just “go for it” and the hospitals truly do get overwhelmed. So far, the goals of most state closures has been to just minimize the probability that the medical facilities will be unable to meet the local/regional needs.

    1. Evan

      More facts to separate truth from conjecture and speculation …. From the June 14th Orlando Sentinel … More than 80% of general and ICU beds were in use Sunday at Orange and Seminole county hospitals, and health officials say that even though the number of hospitalized coronavirus patients are increasing, more so are the number of elective surgeries and emergency procedures not related to COVID-19. (Hospitals central Florida postponed elective surgeries at the start of the outbreak to ensure beds would be available if needed. That moratorium has since been lifted). “We’re hovering around 40 patients in the hospital with COVID. So definitely indications of more community spread, which is what we had expected, but certainly not to the point that it’s stressed the healthcare system,” said Dr. George Ralls, chief quality officer for Orlando Health in an interview on Sunday. At AdventHealth officials said last week that they had experienced a “slight uptick” in the number of patients, but no alarming numbers so far. In an email on Sunday, Dr. Raul Pino, Orange County’s state health officer, said that there has been a “small increase” in hospitalizations in Orange County.“It is related to the increase in [COVID-19] cases,” he said, adding
      that a small portion of the increase is due to the use of Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 that requires some patients to stay a few days longer. “I worked in the ER on Friday night and we’re still seeing patients coming in who had issues related to things they had been putting off for weeks or for months, not Covid 19” Ralls said. “Our ICU ventilator numbers are really not significantly higher [for COVID-19] patients,” Ralls said. “In fact, almost half of our ICU beds are available right now at ORMC.

      According to those who work there, they’re not dangerously close to filling. And if needed, elective surgeries would be put on hold again, freeing up even more beds and resources.

      In New York Covid “peaked” April 19th according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo but … according to USA TODAY – April 23, 2020 – The Naval hospital ship USNS Comfort is set to leave New York City’s harbor after it floated for three weeks mostly empty of patients. Of four overflow hospitals built in the state, only the Javits Center has taken patients and operated at 25% capacity, according to state officials.

      So what is there to gain by promoting the false narrative about hospitals, here or anywhere else?

  6. Jamie

    I think disney will do what they have to to keep people safe! Last thing they want is someone dying from covid on their watch… waiver or no waiver some gets sick or die no one wants to see or hear that!

  7. Mark

    It is amazing that throughout this pandemic policeman, nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, and even dollar stores have been open everyday with no plethora of cases but you open a theme park and it is too dangerous. This virus does not effect people in pools, people who set fires and loot, or people eating or drinking.

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