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  1. MarkB

    Better idea is not to go; I’m not going pay Disney for a very sub-standard experience.

    1. Stan p

      Couldn’t agree more. Unless there is some corresponding drop in tickets (fat chance) better off waiting until you get what you paid for, and that includes parades and especially fireworks.

      1. Kristina

        How can I Stand, when my 2 “top tier” annual passes are already paid for…which entitles me to park hoping, fast passes, etc. I didn’t pay that kind of money to have all the good stuff be taken away. I want my money back or I will file a lawsuit and file a complaint with BBB.

    2. Kristina

      I agree! WHY should I pay 100% of my 10 day Aug 3rd trip? They aren’t giving me 100% of what I paid for prior to this coronavirus!!. I ALWAYS stay on property, usually a moderate or deluxe.
      Disney CONFIRMED to me yesterday that NO HOPPERS will be available, even though I have 2 top tiered annual passes! So I lose, lose, lose. They aren’t even going to have refillable mugs? Sorry, YOU can’t fill them at the resorts. No fast passes, no hopping, no parades, no fireworks ( that’s the one most people are mad about ), no nothing… but I STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BENEFITS THAT IM NOT GETTING?
      TIME FOR A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. It’s fine if you don’t want to go to next year, but I have PAID for 365 days ( 2 times for 2 passes ) and they are top tier. I should be able to get the benefits I paid for, OR a reimbursement of some kind. Same with the resorts. Disney wants FULL price, but only gives you 70% of what you are paying for. It’s ridiculous and illegal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s theft of my money. I will be going to Universal, or better yet…Atlantis, Bahamas, and speaking to my attorney.

  2. Darth Sigh

    What a shame! I go to Disney for the line experience… and we won’t even be getting THAT anymore. 🙁

  3. Rosie

    Same way people did in the good old days just enjoyed the parks. There werent specific m&g spots nor guarentee to see a character you just did and when off season happened the hrs reflected 7pm close which meant no fireworks its just how it was! You all act like privileged babies but this is how things were back in the day! Have you ever gone when its busy and parks have to close due to capacity? It happens and theres limits and changes! Stop making a big deal out of it and itm you need to stop encouraging it by repeating the same articles!

    1. Kelly Connerton

      The point is the price that has already been paid. If we are going back to the good old days experiences then we should be charged the Good Old days prices. Currently, people are not going to get what they paid for, they deserve a refund as well as Annual Passholders with unrestricted passes.

  4. Jennifer Gaines

    I agree with most of the points made; if Disney is going to temporarily remove several of the experiences that are normally included in the ticket price, the ticket price should also be temporarily reduced.
    I understand Disney has experienced great financial loss due to COVID-19 and money is necessary to pay cast members, keep rides and attractions safe & up to date, etc.
    There needs to be compromise on both sides though, not just the side of the loyal Disney fans.
    My husband and I are currently planning to visit WDW Resort in late 2021 for the 50 year celebration, but if there are no fireworks or parades can’t be expected to pay full price.

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