Comments for Disney Releases Video in Support of Black Lives Matter

Disney BLM Support Video

Credit: Disney


  1. Ahnsael

    I was SO happy to see Disney do this.

    They were among the first US companies to support benefits forsame-sex partners before it was a normal thing to do.

    They went beyond the boilerplate “we don’t like racism” responses or donations to something deeply moving, and I’m glad they are taking a stand.

  2. Napoleon Dynamite

    Too bad they support a terrorist racist group. I can’t support Disney

  3. BK

    A mate told me yesterday that they support BLM and what they did. Therefore, she will no longer support Disney and that includes going to the parks. I’m all for Disney standing against racism, but I cannot get on board with supporting a group like BLM and all the violence they committed. There was nothing right or justified in what they did and how they conducted themselves.

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