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Theme park hours

Credit: Disney/Universal


  1. Cindy Caine

    Its people like this that pin us against each other! If anything us going first will help the other parks and what they due will in turn help us thats how it works! Fans make it evil and please do not come @ me … the title is like mortal kombat we are going to fight till the death! How could we disney has had 20 yrs on us!!!!!! Besides our main competion is gardens they even have hos to go vs our hhn now theres a real vs for you!!! But not disney and uni for the love of the sanity of team/cast alike whom are all friends and many work at both parks …. end it!!! Thank you!!

    1. Davis

      Agree with you cindy 100%!
      Thank you for saying it!
      I wish i could say more but i wanted to let you and others whom i made friends w here at itm know i will be going into a moment of silence! My daughter has been moved to hospice and its not long now! I wanted to say its been great chatting w everyone and reading articles on itm keep up the good work! But for now i will go….

      1. Cindy Caine

        Omg thank you for letting us know… i am very sadden to hear this my prayers go w you! I hope when you feel brave enough to face the magic i will look out for you at dak… if you ever venture towards the globe i will be w the dinos (until oct then i might be behind plexiglass bc thats how hhn is rumored to run or a fainting fest w masks under masks!)

    2. Janie

      I was going to say oh not again until i saw davis message my heart ? i am so sorry! Be well we will be here probably ranting like always when you return. I do not know if its allowed at wdw but in dl we allow families to put flowers down for a time in front of a favored ride… did she have one so i may?

  2. Miriam

    I think legoland beat both! No masks and $120 for an annual if your fl resident! Granted your kid has to be younger and its not really meant for adults to hang in but come on no masks… thats huge in fl just think our record heat index last yr clicked @ 120°.

  3. Sanjita

    I was told by a cast member that Early Morning Magic has been canceled, at least til the end of the year. Our “early morning magic tickets” were canceled and deleted from my account.

    1. Lydia

      Everything extra is canceled for now they do not know whats going to happen till they are open!

      1. Carol Siller

        Nightime is magical at parks also cooler parks should stay open later heat too oppresive espbwith mask

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