Comments for OpEd: Disney Needs to Stand Firm Against Racism and Oppression in the Face of China, Too

Disney stands against racism

Credit: Bitcoin.com/ Disney


  1. Joeybats

    So, the disclaimer at the end of the article reminds us that views shared here do not necessarily reflect the views of this website. Well then, why the heck not? This article speaks the truth and calls out Hollywood for their blatant hypocrisy and China for its over the top racism and tyranny.
    To heck with the Chinese Communist party. To heck with phony Hollywood hypocrites, liberal and forward thinking only when it suits their bank accounts.

  2. Mark

    Communist nation can take care of itself…. racism maybe from each other but china is the reason we are in this mess we have a right to be angry!

  3. SleeperWillWake

    I don’t think this article is very well-researched. It’s been debunked that China is the reason certain decisions were made in Disney international marketing.

    I also think the author lost all credibility when they claimed that Finn/Poe would have been a thing if it wasn’t for China. That has never been confirmed other than from unnamed source. I highly doubt Finn/Poe would ever going to be canon and if it was it would have came out of nowhere.

    1. LiarWillWake

      Debunked by who? Pro-CCP idiots? Bull. Cite a legitimate source or stfu.

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