Comments for 100+ Disney Springs Restaurant Workers to be Laid Off

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  1. Scott

    You want my business back, drop the mask policy. The silent majority is larger than you think. The loud mouths demanding masks do not represent the bulk of your customers.

    We will return en masse when the mask policies drop.

    Simple as that.

    1. Liz

      I want a signed statement from idiots like yourself that you won’t seek medical care from my place of employment if you contract the disease. Simple as that.

      1. Jessie

        Okay you dont want to put up with the mask for awhile? Would you rather have everything shut back down because selfish whiney people cant think about other people around them? If the numbers keep going up then they could put everyone on mandatory lock down! People around the world are doing, at least smart people, so stop crying and put up with it hopefully it’s only for a short time.

        1. Jennifer

          Seriously how selfish? You would rather the employees risk their lives so you feel “comfortable” to go there to eat? Well I feel more comfortable knowing they are doing all they can to protect the empolees & patrons from contracting what is a potential deadly disease. You don’t like it? Great stay home and don’t infect me.

      2. Cass

        Masks don’t protect you from getting it…it helps protect OTHERD. So what that jackrabbit should be signing is a wzvoer that when he gives it out, he will help pay the poor servers bills.

      3. PatTex

        Do you deny fat people medical treatment because they made poor dietary choices?

    2. J

      You are really a special person. Wow.

      1. Chris

        I live in RI. Our restaurants are open for the last 5 weeks. We have a mask policy enforced here. We need to wear masks in but when you get to your table you can take it off until you need to leave the table. Our bars have been very creative here. Movable plastic petitions between groups. It is actually nice. Our covid levels are decreasing every day. But I feel for all restaraunts that have lost so much business every where. But then again RI has followed the rules, restaraunts are up and running and WE are not facing a closing up again.

    3. Chelsea

      You’re ignorant. Simple as that.

    4. John

      Good. Stay away and keep your ignorance at home.


        Don’t count on me visiting any time soon. You all need to stay home. Let this all calm down.

    5. Sam

      This clown

    6. Justin

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for electing to stay away from Disney as you choose not to wear a mask. Those who respect the policy and understand why masks are needed at this time can enjoy the resort without a higher risk of spreading a disease during a world wide pandemic. I also hope you decide to also not visit any other establishments at this time while not wearing a mask. Stay safe.

    7. John Carney

      You are such a tough guy, you should join the military and help them out. Masks are not a political choice it’s a common sense choice.

  2. Susie

    Never eaten at Paddlefish but I have dined at Terralina and loved it. I do not mind wearing a mask because I consider it a common courtesy to not share any possible germs with others. It is a simple thing to do to help stop the spread of this virus.

    1. Brian

      Nobody wants to wear a mask, but it is important to do so for everyone around you including the employees working wherever you go. If employees get sick, they can’t work, they pay at more health care costs (even something as simple as cough medication if they are fortunate enough to have a mild case), and companies may pay more in terms of insurance claims and possible lawsuits. For these reasons and more, these companies aren’t going to agree to go maskless just because a potential customer doesn’t want to wear one. Fortunately, you can choose not to go just as they are choosing to require all of their guests wear masks. That’s their prerogative.

  3. Sandy

    I love Disney Springs and being a local were there just about every weekend. But we are not returning until the mask policy changes. Masks are for the sick and we are not sick. Nothing magical about people walking around in masks.

    1. Sande

      I love everything about Disney I know it’s tough having to wear a mask but for everyone in protection and safety it is the best thing Disney or any other company shouldn’t be punished because of that policy their incredible places they stood by us before the pandemic we should stand by them

      1. Michelle

        Actually, anti-maskers are the noisy minority!! A few losers ruin it for everyone. Don’t like it, STAY HOME! Most people are anyway.

    2. Jaime Young

      And do you want to stay healthy you my not be sick but the people around you may

    3. Liz

      Another idiot. You can still spread the disease you moron. I hope to God you don’t come to my place of employment seeking care if you do get sick.

      1. Justin

        It’s an interesting take, considering so many hospital employees lost salary and hours.

        You should share your viewpoint on selective care with your employer. I’m sure they would be thrilled at your compassionate stance. It makes me sad to see so many people who claim to be professionals not want to do their part in helping educate, instead you shame and make people dig in to their stance.

    4. J

      Wow really?? Have you not seen that most of the spread happens with a symptomatic, which means you really don’t know or have symptoms. But hey, the world is full of people who only cares about themselves and their is nothing you can do.

    5. Cass

      That’s one special, and wrong, comment given the number of asymptomatics. It’s call mutual respect especially for those working. I guess mom never taught you that.

    6. Jay

      Masks are not for the sick. They are for the cautious. That’s why medical professionals wear it when they treat you. That’s why dentists wear it to protect YOU, you selfish ignorant person.

    7. Maddie

      No it’s not magical, it’s fact-driven. With this particular virus, you can be infected but not be sick. You can go without symptoms for a couple weeks, the whole time spreading it to other people.

    8. Kelby lightburn

      How do you you know you are not asymptomatic. Even if you tested negative yesterday..you may be asymptomatic today. Wear a mask. Care about others.

  4. Paul Alter

    This is sadly going to be more common. We’re seeing this in the restaurants around the Denver area, as well.

    The comment by Scott about masks is completely off the mark. When you’re sitting at your table you don’t wear masks. The reasons these restaurants are having trouble is in order to maintain required distancing and capacity they have to reduce the number of tables people can use, typically down to between 25% to 50% of their normal capacity. This is going to be the case for the foreseeable future. They simply don’t need the staffing they had before the pandemic.

    Second, the virus is real, it is devastating, and most intelligent people understand this. Dining out is a relatively high risk exposure, particularly indoors. People are evaluating if it is really worth the risk, and coming to the conclusion that the potential viral load exposure of sitting in a restaurant isn’t worth being sick for a couple of weeks (if you’re lucky) to death (if you’re not so lucky).

    There are ways to address our pandemic that would resolve these problems, but our country has decided to make it a political divide issue instead of a scientific & medical issue. I want so much to get my Disney fix. Such a shame.

  5. Mick

    As a cast member, i feel bad for all these others and hope they are able to find new employment soon. To all of you saying you will return when you can come without a mask, stay gone, we really don’t care or need you or your money. It has been proven scientifically that all masks can lower the risk of infection to less than 3 % AND that wearing a mask does NOT weaken your immune system. So you are being rude, selfish, and just plain obnoxious. WE AS CMs DON’T WANT YOU AROUND!!

    1. Jay

      I’d come when you don’t have to wear a mask. Not as a political statement, but as a comfort thing. I don’t handle heat well, and a mask on top of that? I just couldn’t do it. To the CM who said to people that will wait to “stay away, we don’t need your money.” Remember who you work for??? It’s not YOUR park. Don’t be rude.

      1. Sara M Gross

        When hundreds of customers come in trying to buck the mask mandate – the customers aren’t going to pay the price. The cast members will pay the price, and it could be a VERY steep price. I wouldn’t want you there either.

    2. Susan L Miller

      If your sick……STAY HOME….its as simple as that….dont complain on businees thst are trying to accommodate you as americans…just follow the orders as they me be…be americans…not aliens…its the only way to make our country a whole again….stop blaming everything on others…as the USA…has been embarrsing latly with all the violence andHATE its sad to say…if i ever need law enforcement to come rescue me…and its not there..well it will tell that you all need to get a life…we are all in this together no matter what you are…YOUARE ALL human….can we just act like americans…..thanks….

      1. Jessica

        Nicely said

  6. Siobhan

    We went to Disney Springs this past weekend and had a very nice time. I’m so sorry to hear that there will be more lay offs. We dined at Paddlefish and the service was impeccable. As Paul mentioned, masks were not required while eating or drinking or seated dining.

    1. SA

      You literally have to be one of the stupidest B*%#%es ever. I am a front line medical responder, and started this field to save lives, but would make an exception and watch you die on a street corner and choose not to intervene. You put my life and my family’s for no reason whatsoever. I hope you and your “not sick” family catch COVID-19 and die, as are race of humans is stupider by having you as part of it.

  7. Janell

    The layoffs are horrible but we need to be alive and well before considering anything else. A job doesn’t matter if you’re ill or dead. The comment about masks being for the sick only is the exact ignorance that has contributed to our daily increase in numbers. The asymptomatic people that refuse to social distance for the greater good are the ones spreading rhe virus. I commend Disney Springs for making the courageous decision to protect everyone. It shows that their employees are valued in a world where we can feel replaceable more often than not.

  8. Tim

    I don’t get your attitudes on here. I can say that I am not allowed to visit any place as I am allergic to an item that is used in every face covering it there and after almost dying from wearing masks I will not be spending my money at any place that has no alternative for me me. By the way the face coverings are not going to protect you anyways because no one wears the correctly to begin with and they become ineffective once they become wet. If you want to be safe maintain your distance and limit your time to less than 10 minutes while standing to side if others.

  9. Jaime Young

    And do you want to stay healthy you my not be sick but the people around you may

  10. WildSanta

    Coming from decades in the Hospitality Industry it hurts me to see so many good people lose their livelihoods over a serious flu like killer.
    I personally think the country could have stayed open if all it took were mask and distance to keep everyone safe. But coming from the Hospitality Industry hearing everyone crying over a mask or no mask sounds a tad bit ridiculous when EVERYONE is going gloveless. More illnesses are spread by touch than by spray.
    Yes you wash your hands so you feel invincible but the restroom door handle you touch afterwards could have been touched by an infected person moments before. The chair you touch, everything you touch puts you at just as much of a dangerous situation as going maskless. And the paper mask are nearly useless. When they become damp the compound breaks down. When you remove it you might as well trash it. But there are those who will wear the same mask day after day and think they are more protected… do your research you might az will not have one.
    But I just went on a rant I didn’t mean to….
    Iour country is in serious trouble and yet being humans we turn on each other over something as simple as a piece of paper or cloth across your face instead of demanding the truth from the real medical professionals.

  11. Jay

    Masks are not for the sick. They are for the cautious. That’s why medical professionals wear it when they treat you. That’s why dentists wear it to protect YOU, you selfish ignorant person.

  12. Jay

    The ignorant comment about masks only being for the sick was made by somebody who most likely would not wear a mask even if they were sick. This type of insecurity was only reinforced by their egomaniacal orange leader who refuses to wear one for the same insecurity.

  13. Michelle

    Actually, anti-maskers are the noisy minority!! A few losers ruin it for everyone. Don’t like it, STAY HOME! Most people are anyway.

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