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Disney World

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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    The union is still on strike up here w the broadway folk worrying about desantis being an idiot just makes it all worse!

  2. Bonnie Sue Petry

    I think the live shows should be allowed to resume and leave it up to rhe people whether they want to watch them. If they dont feel safe then move on. Diseny guests want The whole Disney experience when they visit! I think everyone knows by now to keep their distance from one another. We will be there Jan 2nd and bringing two guest thats never been to Disney. I would love for them to see all the magic Disney has to offer.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Bonnie they would if preformer unions were not on strike! Its up to equity not disney! And right now its about saftey no one wants to return why risk it! Are you one of those lack of common sense folks that are blind to whats going on???

    2. Rosie

      Bonnie you do know they would have to preform w masks on at most of the times outside in our fl heat! Its one thing for us to walk around w one they have to dance etc. And half those folks lip sync bc noone sings anymore except nemo but i heard they might go unmiced too …. there goes the magic!

    3. Shell

      It’s not just about what the guests want, the performers don’t feel safe and I don’t blame them. Of course Disney wants the shows they want the money to come in as far as they are concerned cast members are expendable .

  3. Sue

    I’m with the union they don’t we down here in flroida don’t need more and more people coming down here. We should of stopped people from coming down here long time ago. And you watch when Disney opens the cases are going to go way up. People go to Disney they don’t care. They will do what they want. They spend the money. You watch. Even before this. People come down here and act like they own the park they smoke even when there is no smoking. Gather in large groups. Plus if people are that crazy to spend all the money to go to Disney and get half of what they would get for the price. Then they are crazy. Disney is not hurting for money. And they told there employees if you do t want to return to work bc you are worried about getting sick. Then go find another job. . Crazy.

  4. sam

    If people are afraid then stay home. The world cannot he shut down. This virus is just mother natures way of cleanung up and we human need to understand that. People also need to understand masks do no go.for a virus that is not only in droplets but aerosolized right through the fabric as you merely breathe. What the peole thay are afraid of are askimg everyone to do is not livimg its just not dyimg. I am a healthcare provider, i am a high risk person with diabetes and chf i choose to live not just not die. Unions need to go away if people dont want to go to work fine but i dont want to continue paying taxes for them to stay home afraid. There are plenty out there looking for jobs you are replacable.

  5. Rebel Orange Bird

    Heres the update from up here…
    Broadway is closed till jan so equity is busy w that. This is also what equity said in an update:
    Equity has expressed concern that not enough testing has been planned for the parks’ actors who are unable to use face masks when performing unlike other park workers. The union represents about 600 actors at Disney World, out of a total workforce of 77,000 employees at the theme park resort.

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