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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Got that thank you is this for the hearing impaired??? Hotels are not opening except for dvc so why would i even expect this as a guest??? No ofeense to you or any other writers but lets take a chill on the misguided info bc disney directly as many have called in and found out the only accurate info is the dates on park openings and dvc everything else is once open we will see lets all find out together and not jump conclusions or conflict each others info…. you all i know are trying your best its not your fault but just lets calm down the info until disney knows for sure.


      I agree! I’m SO tired of this site spewing false venom because they live in Orlando and don’t want the rest of the world to impede on them. They say half truths. Resort guests get FIRST ACESS TO to the reservation system, but they fail to make that a point. This site is full of gloom and doom…no positivity at all. I’m done with this site. There are many better sites that give accurate info, not half truths of gloom and despair

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Even those whom are on the inside like davis etc even said stuff they helped out w even as security has changed! Disney guest services even is saying they will know more once open which only makes sense! I have cm friends though i am in ny and there saying that they do not know anything.

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