Comments for Disney Pulls Ads From Fox News Show Over Host’s POV on Black Lives Matter


Credit: YouTube (Evening Standard)/Fox News


  1. Stan P

    When only one point of view is allowed in this country, then the First Amendment needs to be repealed.

  2. Ken

    the first amendment doesn’t mean that.

    It is about government censorship. This is a private company

    1. Rolumo

      A private company which claims to support diversity. Disney’s actions speak louder than its words.

      1. Jill Miller

        A rich white man’s opinion and that of the racist mean-spirited TV cannel he works for is not diverse. It’s the status quo.

    2. Ava

      We love Tucker Carlsens show, this is Disneys loss. Tucker speaks common sense.

  3. Jason K

    Now we know why Fox News wasn’t part of the merger

    1. Andrea

      I think it is ridicious. Freedom of speech. We all can voice our opinions. Some may agree others won’t. So what! Stop giving into people that are not telling the truth why they are protesting. And we all knoww blm are not protesting for Mr.Floydd.

      1. Barley

        Is he in jail? No? Then he has his freedom of speech. Freedom of speech protects you from the government jailing you and imprisoning you for speaking your mind. Freedom of speech does not protect you from backlash when you make stupid comments. He’s perfectly allowed to say what he wants– just as Disney is perfectly allowed to cut ties with him for saying those stupid things. Go educate yourself before trying to reference a law that has nothing to do with what you’re whining about. They were both perfectly within their rights to do what they did.

  4. Gee

    So much for diversity. Disney is a bit of a bully. If someone doesn’t think like them then they’re threatened or cut off. Isn’t diversity and acceptance their motto?

  5. Thank you Disney for standing up to small-minded, privileged and uneducated people and their platforms. In doing so you stood for the oppressed and ignored, not only People of Color but also the LGBTQ community. You have my admiration, as usual.

  6. SJ

    Thank you Disney for supporting Black Lives Matter!

  7. Tony

    But in the wonderful world of Disney, don’t ALL LIVES MATTER?
    As should be the case world wide in my humble opinion.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Yes, you are correct! I completely agree!

  8. Lulu

    See ya Disney, Papa Johns and others!! I’ll take Tucker Carlson any day. He speaks his opinion and gets crap from his sponsors. I’ve given business to Disney my whole life, but never again!! Walt would turn over in his grave. And Papa Johns, really?!?! You hypocrite!!!

  9. Paul Alter

    Love that Disney does this. It’s really sad how few of the commenters above seem to understand the Bill of Rights. There is no conflict with freedom of speech or any other aspect of the Constitution.

    Carlson spoke what he believes. Disney spoke what it believes, and with its money by pulling it. Carlson still gets to rant on however he wants (at least until Fox loses enough money and gets pissed off at him). Disney gets to keep doing what it wants. No one’s free speech has been curtailed. This is simply free market at it’s finest.

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