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  1. Catherine Holmes

    So, I’m looking through Disney plus, scrolling through the “Celebrate Black Stories” section, mostly feeling nostalgia for childhood movies/tv shows. Until I come to the Lion King remake… and I’m thinking… okay… that’s not like the others, but they did work hard on that cast, Beyoncé, Donald Glover, bringing back James Earl Jones, so I keep scrolling, until I come to the original Lion King… which Simba is definitely played by a white boy and a white man. Which I don’t think the race of the voice actors should be important, because he’s a *LION*. Black people aren’t lions, they aren’t African savannah *animals*. So, how is the original The Lion King a black story, with its white writers, white directors, and half white actors, unless they’re equating black people to animals? I’m no expert at this, like at all, and would be very willing to hear other thoughts from those with more knowledge, but it made me queazy. I emailed Disney+ already to ask about it.

    1. Catherine Holmes

      Update!: The original animated Lion King is no longer listed under the Celebrate Black Stories, though the “live action” still is. I think this is a good decision!

      1. Chris

        Update: Yes it is. As of 7/1 it is in the “celebrate black stories” section. Whick is why I was googling “Why is Lion King in the black stories section of Disney plus”. Which brought me here.

        Disney should get ahead of this in the news before people protest Disney at their theme parks.

  2. Catherine Holmes

    Update!: The original animated Lion King is no longer listed under the Celebrate Black Stories, though the “live action” still is. I think this is a good decision!

  3. Frank kaye

    Celebrate gay stories !
    That’s right none.

  4. Chris

    Update: it is still in the “celebrate black stories” as of 7/1. Disney should get ahead of this story before protestors come to their theme parks which they’re trying to reopen right now.

  5. Michelle Pancake

    I also arrived here because I asked the internet why the Lion King is listed on Disney+ to celebrate black stories…it is not a black-led production and is simply based in Africa…

  6. Kitty

    Yeah so honestly it’s still there as of December first and tbh I’m really confused. Is it literally bc it’s set in africa they think it’s a black story… Like I can kinda get behind it but also it makes me feel like they are comparing to animals

    1. I a society where we don’t want to label people by race, but Disney plus decided to add black celebrate black stories, why not just add the movies without having to put a label on them. I mean where is the Latino celebrate stories or, Asian, or Indian, or white celebrate stories. If you don’t want to label a society of people, this is exactly what Disney plus is doing. Not a big fan.

  7. Derrick

    I also found my way to this from trying to understand the meaning behind it being “labeled” as a black story. It’s a story about lions and being the king of the jungle, although it has a great message about life in general. I found myself wondering what it has to do with me as a black man, or black people at all. I thought it couldn’t be about just Africa, because other races are from and live there. Why would it be because the voices were black actors only if the plot has nothing to do with race or black people’s culture? I saw other animated movies there, but they are about black “people” like Proud family and even the black marvel character hero cartoons. But, although Lion King is a historic movie, it is not a black story. That’s a stretch.

  8. Christian

    That’s good and all but I’m not black. What about everyone else? If you do for one then you should do for all. I’m Asian/Latino, you don’t think we get overlooked and discriminated against? Or are just not worth being mentioned at all? Im pretty sure the world is not only black and white. That’s something to think about.

  9. ace

    celebrate white stories. celebrate gay stories. celebrate latino stories. celebrate asian stories. celebrate native stories. celebrate female stories. How can they add one and not hundreds of others. Racist if you ask me.

    1. NYC1993

      Because when it comes to minorities—Hollywood only caters to the blacks. 🤮

  10. Alan Song

    I think this was a very good idea! Except, I think it would be better if they added more.

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