Comments for OpEd: Why Can’t Disney+ Just Give us Adult Content?

Adult content on Disney+


  1. Personally I agree. Although not Family Guy or American Dad. I think Disney+ should have TV-14 shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I met Your Mother to name a few. We have seen a survey showing they are interested in adding them. A recent study showed only 7 percent of Disney+ subscribers have the Disney bundle which may mean many people are leaving Disney+ cause they have nothing else to watch. Having Hulu is great for the R-rated stuff but I think the TV-14 shows that aren’t heavily sexual and vulgar should be added to Disney+ They really missed the mark moving Love Victor to Hulu where it doesn’t fit in well. They are also missing the mark not doing the Lizzie reboot cause a 30 year old’s life should not be PG and most people want a PG-13 Lizzie. It would a huge draw to the service. Sadly we have parents wanting to keep Disney+ preschool friendly and Disney might not listen to complaints regarding more content for older audiences. However if you see Disney+’s trending page you always see the The Simpsons trending. This should show them that people want more content like that!

    I hope Disney comes to to their senses

  2. Jose

    I wanted to watch Genius Aretha but they put it on Hulu? With the lack of grown up content, I don’t believe I will renew after this year!

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